Does Victoria’s Secret Take AfterPay?: What I Find Out

For those who have a preference for making payments through buy now pay later apps like Afterpay, a common question arises: Does Victoria’s Secret offer the option to use AfterPay? As we delve further into this article, you’ll receive a crystal-clear answer to this particular inquiry.

The answer is Yes. Some selected Customers can pay at any Victoria’s Secret store and online using AfterPay. 

For quite some time now, European and Australian customers of Victoria’s Secret have been enjoying the convenience of a particular payment method. But guess what? In June 2021, this payment option made its way to the United States, shaking up the retail scene. Some well-known stores, including Kroger, Walgreens, Nordstrom Rack, Victoria’s Secret, CVS, Amazon, Nike, Macy’s, and Target, hopped on the partnership to offer their customers this fantastic service. It’s safe to say that things got a whole lot easier for shoppers in the US!

This article entails the process of using AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret, other accepted payment methods, and related queries. 

Does Victoria’s Secret Accept AfterPay?

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Absolutely! You can use AfterPay to pay for your purchases at Victoria’s Secret, whether you’re shopping in their physical stores or online. The disappointing news is that this option is available to certain AfterPay customers who meet the eligibility criteria. So, if you’re a fan of Victoria’s Secret and want to spread out your payments, AfterPay can make it more convenient for you. Happy shopping! Additionally, you can only use it through the AfterPay app. 

To use AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret all you’ve to do is, open the AfterPay app, navigate to the Shop Directory and choose Victoria’s Secret, then go ahead and pick your items. After that, complete your payment and enjoy the benefits that comes with it. 

Note: to complete your payment using AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret, Nike, CVS, Dell and the rest authorized retailer stores, AfterPay will use a one time virtual card to facilitate the purchase. 

Victoria’s Secret Overview

Victoria’s Secret needs no introduction; it’s a global leader in lingerie and intimate apparel. With its alluring range of products, the brand has captured the hearts of countless customers. Their online presence has made shopping for glamorous undergarments and sleepwear more accessible than ever.

What is AfterPay?

AfterPay is a payment platform that allows shoppers to make purchases and split the cost into four equal installments, with no interest or fees if payments are made on time. It’s a game-changer for consumers who want to shop for their favorite items and pay over time without the need for traditional credit.

It is a popular “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) service that allows consumers to make purchases and pay for them in installments over a set period of time. It was founded in Australia in 2014 and has gained significant popularity in various countries, including the United States.

Afterpay is particularly attractive to consumers because it offers a more flexible payment option, with no interest or traditional loan application processes. However, it’s essential to note that if customers miss a payment, they may incur late fees, and their credit score could be affected. Additionally, Afterpay makes money by charging merchants a fee for offering their service, which can influence pricing and marketing strategies.

How To use AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret

Using AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret doesn’t require long steps, it’s a straightforward process.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to pay using AfterPay.

  • Download and install the AfterPay app on your device
  • Open the app and login
  • Go to the Shop Directory and search for Victoria’s Secret. You can filter your search by using the “in-store tab” to see available physical stores
  • Click the “Card” icon located on the homescreen
  • Set Up an AfterPay virtual card by following the steps displayed
  • Add the AfterPay card to your Apple digital wallet
  • Go to the register and click the “Card” tab on the AfterPay app to see the available amount
  • Click on “Authorize and Pay In-store” tab to make the payment
  • Click on “Pay in-store with Apple Pay or Google Pay” to authorize and launch the AfterPay Card in your digital wallet. 
  • Hold your mobile device closer to the card reader at the register. Then validate the payment using Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode
  • You’ll be notified of the payment in the app
  • You’re good to go with your items.

Note: the first installment payment plan will be charged immediately, while the remaining three will be charged later.  

Benefits of Using AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret

The advantages of using AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret are manifold. It allows you to spread the cost of your lingerie and sleepwear shopping, making it budget-friendly. Furthermore, there’s no interest, and as long as you make your payments on time, you won’t incur any additional fees.

What Other Buy Now Pay Later Options can I use at Victoria’s Secret – Alternative to After Pay. 

AfterPay is not the only available buy now pay later payment method at Victoria’s Secret. 

There are other options you can choose from. Below are the available options. 

Klarna: Klarna is one of the verified payment methods by Victoria’s Secret. 

Zip: (Known previously as QuadPay) Customers have the option to use the Zip app for payments when they’re shopping at Victoria’s Secret, even though Zip might not be officially listed among the accepted payment methods. Rest assured, Zip has confirmed that you can use their service to make purchases at Victoria’s Secret.

Other Accepted Payment Methods at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret supports numerous payment options. There are a variety of available payment methods both for in-store and online purchases. 

 Below is the list. 

Credit/Debit Cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network. 

Diners Club





Giro Pay 


Carte Bancaire 

Pink Credit Card

Additionally, you can redeem Debit or Gift Cards associated with VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX as a credit card. 

Apple Pay (for in-app and website payments) 







Victoria’s Secret/PINK Gift Card & eGift Card

Victoria’s Secret Merchandise Cards

These are the available payment options to choose from while shopping at Victoria’s Secret whether at the physical stores or online orders. 

Please note this, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t accept Google pay, cash, checks, money orders, and orders from mail or fax. 

Countries that accept AfterPay

AfterPay is accepted in eight countries globally. It is currently available in Australia where it originated from, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy and Spain, where it is called “Clearpay”. 

Does Victoria’s Secret accept AfterPay for in-store purchases?

Once you’ve become eligible to take advantage of AfterPay when shopping at Victoria’s Secret, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s a versatile payment option. You can use AfterPay for all your shopping needs, whether you prefer to shop in-store or online.

Does Victoria’s Secret Take Apple Pay?

Yes, customers can pay with the Apple digital wallet at Victoria’s Secret. However, you can’t use it for in-store purchases. The option is only available for online payment through the mobile app and website. 

Does Victoria’s Secret Take Klarna?

Victoria’s Secret offers the convenience of using Klarna as a payment option when shopping online. With Klarna, you have the flexibility to divide your payment into four interest-free installments.

Here’s how it works: After you’ve made your purchase at Victoria’s Secret using Klarna, the initial payment will only be charged once your order has been shipped. The remaining three payments will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card every two weeks. This way, you can enjoy your shopping without the need to pay the full amount upfront.

Does Victoria’s Secret Take Pink Gift Cards?

Customers have the flexibility to utilize their VS Pink Gift cards for shopping sleepwear and lingerie. These handy digital gift cards can be purchased and are delivered right to your inbox. The best part is, you can redeem them for both in-store and online orders.

One more fantastic aspect to note is that Victoria’s Secret gift cards don’t have an expiration date, giving you peace of mind about when to use them.

Furthermore, Victoria’s Secret offers both physical gift cards and eGift cards, which are equally versatile for making purchases in their stores or on their website.

Does Victoria’s Secret Take PayPal?

Interestingly Yes, Victoria’s Secret accepts PayPal for online payment at the website and mobile app. 

Does Victoria’s Secret Take Venmo?

Yes, customers can pay for their Victoria’s Secret online orders using Venmo as the preferred payment option. 

Does Victoria’s Secret Take Google Pay?

Unfortunately No! VS currently doesn’t accept Google Pay as a payment method at the store and online. 

However customers can pay with Google Pay alternative, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo at Victoria’s Secret.


In a world where shopping for lingerie has become easier and more accessible than ever, AfterPay at Victoria’s Secret offers an exciting opportunity. With its flexible payment options and the iconic allure of Victoria’s Secret, it’s a match made in shopping heaven. So, whether you’re indulging in a well-deserved treat or searching for the perfect gift, AfterPay can make your shopping experience even more delightful.

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