How To Get Money From Venmo Without a Bank Account – Complete Guide.

Do you know you can get your money off Venmo without a bank account?

Venmo is a mobile money banking platform like Cash App and Zelle, that operates in the United States. To access Venmo, you must be a US resident. 

The app has thrived. Nowadays, many US stores accept payment via Venmo. As a business owner, setting up a Venmo Business Profile will get you covered with payment issues. The business profile helps customers to pay using the QR Code and a Venmo Debit Card.

Though, not all merchants accept payment via QR Code. That’s why it’s advisable to apply for a Venmo Debit Card. 

If you’re looking for how to get your money from Venmo without a bank account, you’re at the right place. The simple and easiest way to do that is through a Venmo Debit Card. You can apply for one if you don’t have one yet. With the card, you can make an ATM withdrawal, and pay for purchases as well. 

As you read through, you’ll learn

What Venmo Debit Card is all about,

How to order a Venmo Debit Card,

How to fund the Debit Card,

The Debit Card fee.

These and more will be discussed in this post, stick around. 

What is a Venmo Debit Card?

Venmo debit card is a Mastercard issued only by Bancorp Bank. 

The card Is designed to help solve payment and withdrawal problems for Venmo users. (The card can only function in the US). 

You can use the card for payment purposes, both in-store and online. 

How to Order a Venmo Debit Card? 

As I mentioned earlier, you can use a Venmo debit card to get money off the app without a bank account. 

However, before you can do that, you need to apply for a Venmo Mastercard debit card. 

To order the debit card, you’ll be required to provide your Full Name, Date of Birth, and the last four digits of your SSN. Furthermore, make sure you’re 18+ before applying. 

Follow these steps to order a Venmo debit card.

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Navigate to the “Venmo Card” icon, by clicking on the three lines under the Venmo Menu 
  • Click on “Get the Venmo Card”
  • After clicking on it, customize the card, by selecting the color. You can select from the available five colors 
  • Enter your Date of Birth, Full Name, and the last four number of your SSN 

After entering the information, check and see if they are correct. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Then, tap “Next” to continue 

  • Fill in your correct home address for the card delivery and click “Next”
  • You can choose to reload your card automatically via your bank account when out of funds, or turn the option off 
  • Once you’re done with the process, tap “Submit”.
  • If Venmo identifies your information after verification, tap “Next” and you’re done.

Your card will be sent to the home address you provided. 

In some cases, you might be required to provide additional identity proof such as your “Driver’s License” or any other relevant ID. 

Note: any automatic reload from your bank account will come with a $10 increment in payment. This normally happens when there is an insufficient balance in your Venmo account.

How Do You Activate Your Venmo Debit Card?

Before you can use the card for payment and withdrawal purposes, you’ve to activate the card. 

To activate the card, follow these steps 

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Navigate to the “Card” tab 
  • Click on “Activate” 
  • Follow the instructions, by entering the card expiry date, and creating a PIN for the card 
  • Finally, click “Next” and add money to the card.

Once you’re done loading funds, you can now go on to use the card in-store and at the ATM. 

How Long Does it Take to Receive Your Venmo Debit Card?

After clicking submit and your identity was verified by Venmo, your card should get to you within 5-15 business days. 

If you didn’t get the card after the period, you can reach out to the Venmo Contact Support team. 

What is The Venmo Debit Card Fee?

Venmo Debit Card is free. It doesn’t cost a dime. All you’ve to do is provide the necessary and correct information about yourself.

Also, there’s no fee charged when making a payment with the card, the same with the QR Code payment. 

However, there’s a $2.50 fee when making an ATM withdrawal, except for Moneypass ATM. If you’re using a Moneypass ATM, you won’t be charged any fee. 

For instant transfer, there’s a 1.5% fee per transaction. 

Which ATMs accept Venmo Debit Cards? 

Typically, any ATM in the United States that accepts Visa and MasterCard, can work with the Venmo debit card. This means you can use the card at any ATM in the US. 

But for ATM-free fee withdrawals, use Moneypass ATM. To locate a nearby Moneypass ATM point, visit their official website

Also, for a fee-free withdrawal, you can request a Cashback. That’s another way to get money off your Venmo account without a bank account. 

What is The Venmo Debit Card Limit?

There’s a daily withdrawal limit placed on your Venmo debit card. 

You can withdraw a maximum amount of $400 per day, with the card. 

Is a good way to have some cash with you, for me, is a good one. 

How to Fund Your Venmo Debit Card without a Bank Account?

Permit me to tell you, any money received on Venmo, stays on the Venmo account. It’s left for you to move the money to your connected bank account or leave it there. Also, all money on your Venmo account reflects on your debit card. 

Here are ways to fund your Venmo balance or debit card without a bank account.

Receive money from someone,

Direct Deposit,

Cashing a Check.

  1. Receiving money from someone: this is the easiest way to fund your Venmo account without a bank account. To use this method, send your Email address, Username, and Phone number to the sender.
  2. Direct Deposit: you can as well make a direct deposit to your Venmo account after setting it up. All you’ve to do is, send your routing and account number to your employer. This way, all paychecks will be sent to your Venmo account. 
  3. Cashing a Check: Also, you can fund your Venmo account by cashing a check. To use this method, Snap the front and back of the payment, and enter the same amount of money on the check. Once you complete the process, the check will be deposited directly into your Venmo account. 


How Do You Get Money off Venmo without a Bank Account?

After you’ve ordered and activated your card, you can get your funds from Venmo with the card by withdrawing money at the ATM. 

Another way to do that is, to request a Cashback from the cashier. 

Can I Receive Money on Venmo without a Bank Account?

Yes, you can receive money on Venmo without a bank account. Any money received on Venmo stays on your Venmo account balance. If you wish, you can transfer the money to your bank account. 

What Cards can I Link to Venmo?

You can link a Debit Card, Credit Card, and Prepaid Card from giant card issuers companies such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 

Make sure the card you want to add is bearing your name. 

Sometimes, the card issuers or Venmo may decline your card. The reason for the occasional decline might be, preventing fraud or a result of a lack of funds availability. 

Will Venmo only Pay from the Bank?

No, you can make a payment on Venmo, using different methods.

You can pay using your Debit or Credit card. 

You can pay through your Venmo balance using the QR Code.

You can as well use your connected bank account to pay.


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To enjoy unlimited Venmo services, it’s advisable to connect a bank account to your Venmo account. But if you don’t have an active bank account, no need to worry. You can apply for a Venmo Mastercard debit card, which allows you to get money from Venmo without a bank account.

With the card, once activated, you can make withdrawals at the ATM, and also pay for purchases both in-store and online. 

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