How To Add Money To Venmo – Step by Step Guide (Updated 2023)

There are ways to top up your Venmo account, they are Direct Deposit, Asking a Friend, Family Member, and Cashing a Check. These are some of the ways you can fund your account. 

Probably, you might have been receiving money from family and friends, but don’t know how to add money directly to your Venmo account yourself. 

If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to fund your Venmo account by yourself. 

                     Quick Insight 

To add money by yourself to your Venmo account, you’ll need to link and verify your bank account, secondly, you’ll need a Venmo Mastercard debit card. If you don’t have them, I’m sorry, you can’t be able to fund your Venmo balance yourself at this moment. 

How To Add Money To Venmo Balance 

Currently, there’s only one method to add money to your Venmo balance yourself, which is through your verified linked bank account, and a Venmo debit card issued by Mastercard. 

To get started, you have to link and verify your bank account. 

Follow these steps to link your bank account 

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Click on the “Me” icon 
  • Choose the “Settings” tab 
  • Select “Payment Methods” 
  • Navigate to the “Add bank or Card” option, then select “Bank”, since you’re linking a bank account 

After selecting “Bank” the next thing to do is to verify the bank account. 

There are two different ways to do that, 

Manual and 

Instant Verification.

For Manual verification, all you need is to provide your account number and routing number. Once you provide the information, you’ll wait for 1-2 days for it to be verified. 

For Instant verification, you’ve to submit your bank account login information to Venmo. If your bank approves it, you’ll be asked to provide the username and password you’re using for online banking, and that’s it, your bank account will be verified. 

Immediately after you’re done with the bank account verification, the next thing to do is to add a debit card. 

Follow these steps to add a debit card on Venmo 

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Click on the “Me” tab 
  • Choose the “Settings” tab 
  • Select “Payment Methods” 
  • Navigate to the “Add bank or Card” option, then select “Card“, since you’re linking a card 
  • After selecting “Card“, enter your card details manually for verification or you snap the card front and back with your mobile phone to verify.

You can still add your card details using your PC (computer).

To do this, follow these steps 

  • Tap on the “Edit Payment Methods” 
  • Choose “Add a debit or Credit Card” 
  • Then, enter the “Card” information 

If you’re done linking and verifying your bank account, which is the first step, and adding a debit or credit card, which is the second step, the last thing is to add money to your Venmo balance. 

Follow these steps to add money to your Venmo account 

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Go to the “Me” icon 
  • Select “Manage Balance“. You can see this option in the wallet section 
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to load, and click “Next
  • Double-check to confirm if the bank account you’re loading from is correct 
  • Go through and confirm the arrival date of the transfer 
  • Finally, click “Add Money” to complete the transfer. 

Note: once you click “Add Money” it’s impossible to cancel the transfer. 

Learn more on How to Cancel a Venmo Payment. 

How To Add Money To Venmo Without Bank Account 

Do you know it is possible to fund your account without going through the process of linking your bank account and debit card? 

Here is how you can do that. 

Family and Friends: this is the first initiative of Venmo. It was previously designed as a “Social Network”. That is money transactions between people you know. 

Once someone sends you money on Venmo, it will reflect in your Venmo balance, after you have accepted the payment. You can decide to transfer it to your bank account, or you leave it there. 

How Long Does it Take To Transfer Money from a Bank Account to Venmo?

Whenever you fund your Venmo balance using your bank account, it takes 3-5 business days for the money to show in your Venmo balance. Until the transfer is completed, the money won’t be available to use. 

In some cases, your transfer can delay and exceed the estimated number of days, if there’s a holiday during the midweek. Or if you initiated the transfer on a Friday.


Why Can’t I Add Money to Venmo?

If you didn’t see the option to fund your Venmo account on the app, it means you’re not qualified for it. To be eligible, you need to link and verify your bank account, secondly, you must apply and activate your Venmo Mastercard debit card. 

Can I cancel my transfer to my Venmo balance?

Absolutely No. You can’t cancel a Venmo transfer sent to your account. Also, Venmo can’t cancel the transfer as well once it’s made. Since you can’t cancel the transfer, the best option is to transfer the money back to your bank account once completed.

Can You Add Money to Your Venmo Card at an ATM?

The answer is no. 

At the moment, you can only make a withdrawal with your card at the ATM. 

ATM card withdrawal comes with a $2.50 fee. 

Anyways, you can withdraw funds with your card for free at the ATM. But the only place to do that is by using the “MoneyPass ATM”. 

Also, there’s a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $400. 

Can You Add Money to Venmo at the Store or Bank?

The option is not yet available at the moment. Adding money to your Venmo account by yourself can only be done on the app. Currently, there is no other way to physically fund your Venmo balance. 

Can You Receive Money on Venmo Without a Bank Account?

Yes, there are three major ways you can receive money without having a bank account on Venmo. 

They are,

Family and Friends 

Direct Deposit 

Cashing a Check.

Note: aside from family and friends, to use direct deposit or cash a check, you must have a Venmo debit card. 

This article will help you understand how to cash a check. 

Also, read more on “Direct Deposit“. 


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As you’ve read in this post, there are several ways to load money onto your Venmo account.

You can choose either 

Bank Transfer,

Family and Friends,

Check Deposit, or 

Direct Deposit. 

If you’re going for a bank transfer, make sure your bank account is linked and verified on Venmo. Again, you must have a Venmo debit card, for it to work. 

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