Victim of Venmo Scam? Follow Our Refund Guide (Updated 2023)

Can I get my money back from Venmo if scammed?

it’s 50/50, it’s not guaranteed by Venmo. Most times you can, while most times you can’t. However, one sure way of getting Venmo Purchase Protection is by tagging a payment made to a personal profile as a “purchase”.


With the vast growth of Venmo in the US, scammers have device means of extorting money from people fraudulently. 

You can mistakenly send funds to the wrong person or a non-existing user. 

Getting your money back on Venmo depends on you, is not 100% guaranteed, it’s 50/50. If you’re lucky enough, you might have your money back. 

There are means to request a refund when scammed or payment is sent to the wrong person. 

In this article, you will read up on how to request a refund,  common Venmo scams, and how to avoid them. 

How Do You Get a Refund on Venmo When Scammed?

As I said earlier, getting a refund on Venmo if scammed, depends on you. 

If you paid into a Venmo business profile, it will be easier to get your money back. Because all payments made to a Business Profile are covered by “Purchase/Buyers Protection”. 

This article will explain in detail everything you need to know about Venmo Purchase Protection. 

Venmo payments are instant, they cannot be canceled once sent. You can’t cancel the payment, but you can request a refund. 

Again, when paying to a Venmo personal profile for goods purchased, don’t forget to tag the payment as a “Purchase. If you do so, the payment will be covered by Venmo Purchase Protection. It will help Venmo to track such transactions for a possible refund. 

If you mistakenly send money to the wrong person, you can reach out and see if the issue can be resolved. If the person refused to transfer back the money, you can follow the method below. 

Follow these steps to request a refund if you paid the wrong person.

  • Open your Venmo app 
  • Navigate to the “Pay or Request” icon at the bottom of the home screen 
  • Enter the recipient’s Username 
  • Enter the exact amount of money sent 
  • Write a short note, explaining how the accidental payment happened 
  • Tap “Request” to continue 
  • Click on the green message to confirm the request.

If you paid to a non-existing Venmo account, follow these steps to request a Take Back. 

  • Open your Venmo account, and navigate to the “Me” icon 
  • Tap on the “Incomplete” icon 
  • Click on the “Payment” tab 
  • Choose the payment you want to take back 
  • Finally, click on “Take Back” to complete the request.

This article will help you understand how to request a refund or how to cancel a Venmo payment. 

What to do if You Get Scammed on Venmo

If you’re a victim of a scam on Venmo, there are steps to take to get your money back. 

  1. You can reach out to Venmo Contact Support for assistance. When contacting Venmo, make sure you bring some necessary evidence on board, to back up your claim. Such as the payment history, screenshots of the payment, and other relevant possessions about the transactions. 
  2. If Venmo is not helping matters, you can reach out to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To do this, visit FTC’s official website and file your complaint to “”.
  3. You can reach out to the recipient and request a refund. 

I doubt if this method is going to work. Because a scammer will not send it back. 

  1. You can report the scammer to Venmo or block the person. 

To block the scammer, 

  • Search for the scammer using the search bar 
  • Click and open the scammer’s profile 
  • On the profile, click on the three dots “•••” located at the top right corner 
  • Choose “Block”

Once blocked, the user will be unable to find you again. 

Note: for this request to be completed, you need to log out and log in back to your Venmo account. 

Common Scams on Venmo and How to Avoid Them 

To save yourself from future scams, I’ve compiled a list of common scams on Venmo to be aware of, and how to avoid them.


  1. Fake Prize or Cash Rewards.

If you receive a link to your email or via sms, congratulating you on Cash/Prize won, with a request to enter your Venmo account information. 

How to avoid the scam 

To avoid the scam, please don’t enter or disclose your information to any third party. The only place you can enter your details is on the Venmo official website or their App. 


  1. If you receive a call pretending to be a Venmo representative. 

In this case, the scammer was trying to log in with your credentials but found it difficult because of a code sent to you. Then, they will call you, requesting the code. 

How to avoid the scam 

If you encounter this method, please don’t send any code to the caller. Venmo will never call and request your login or code.


  1. If you’re buying goods from a scammer.

The scammer will try to convince you to make a full or partial payment for the goods before they can ship the item. Again, they will tell you not to tag the payment as a “Purchase”. 

How to avoid the scam 

When paying for your purchases, make sure you’re paying to a verified Venmo business profile. Or, if you’re paying into a personal profile, don’t forget to tag the payment as a “Purchase”. Because such payments are covered by the “Venmo Purchase Protection”


  1. If you receive a money request from someone pretending to be your friend. 

They may try to manipulate you, by using a picture and username of someone you may know. 

How to avoid the scam 

If you receive any money requests, try to examine the request and see if the request is trusted. If possible, try and reach out to the person and see if it’s genuine. 


  1. If you receive payment from a stranger.

They may purposely send money to your Venmo account and demand you transfer the fund back. 

How to avoid the scam 

Don’t accept payment from strangers. In case you receive a payment from a stranger, it’s advisable to contact Venmo, they are the ones to refund the money back. 


  1. Investment Scam 

If you receive a call asking you to invest $500 to get $2,500 in return within 7 days. 

How to avoid the scam 

If the investment program is from a trusted firm, you can go ahead and invest. But if you’re not sure about the investment, you can decline the request. 


  1. Paper Check Scam.

If you receive a check from a stranger requesting you to send money in exchange for the check. 

How to avoid the scam 

Whatever the case may be, don’t pay money in exchange for the check. Because if you do so, the check will go through, but will later bounce back. And you will be the one to pay the debt. 


How Do You Report a Scammer on Venmo?

If you’re a victim of a scam on Venmo, you can report the fraudulent act. 

If it’s a phishing scam, you can reach out to Venmo via email. Here is the email address. 

If it’s a text message, smishing, or mobile phone call scam, you can reach out to Venmo, along with the screenshots and phone number of the scammer. Here is the email address. 


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How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund from Venmo?

It takes 1-5 business days for a refund to be credited back to your Venmo account. If the money is not credited during the period, you can contact the Venmo support team. 

Can a Venmo Payment be Reversed?

Before a Venmo payment can be reversed, 

  1. The recipient must give their consent. Without their permission, your money cannot be reversed back.
  2. If the money is still available in the recipient’s account. 
  3. Again, their account must be good and running. 


To avoid getting scammed on Venmo, it’s advisable not to accept or send money to a stranger. 

When making a payment, double-check to avoid mistakes. 

Lastly, when paying for goods and services, make sure you’re paying to a recognized Venmo Business Profile. If you’re paying into a personal profile, endeavor to identify the payment as a “Purchase”. 

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