Does Market Basket Take Apple Pay in 2023? What I Find Out

Are you thinking about going shopping at Market Basket for your groceries, seafood, snacks, fresh produce, and other products, either in the store or online? But wondering, does Market Basket take Apple Pay. Can you conveniently use Apple Pay with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac at all Market Basket locations?

Market Basket, a beloved supermarket chain with a strong presence in the Northeastern United States, is known for its affordable prices and wide variety of products. But when it comes to payment options, do they offer the flexibility of Apple Pay?

Answering the above questions, Yes! Market Basket does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment at some of its locations. 

In this article, we will be discussing Market Basket and its acceptance of Apple Pay, how to set it up, steps on using it at Scheels, alternative payment methods, and other related queries. 

Now, let’s get started

Does Market Basket Accept Apple Pay?

There seems to be some uncertainty regarding whether Market Basket actually accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. Some people have reported successfully using their Apple Pay digital wallet at specific Market Basket locations, while others have mentioned difficulties in making digital payments at the store.

However, according to Yelp, Market Basket does accept Apple Pay at some selected locations. You might not be able to pay at all locations using the digital wallet. 

If you’re ever unsure whether Market Basket accepts Apple Pay and want to avoid any potential embarrassment, don’t worry – there are alternative payment methods available. You can make your purchase using cash, credit/debit cards, gift cards, or EBT (SNAP or Food Stamp). There’s no need to feel awkward; Market Basket offers various ways for you to pay for your shopping.

What is Apple Pay

Apple Pay, developed by tech giant Apple, is a mobile wallet that allows users to make payments using their Apple devices. By securely storing credit/debit card information and payment details, Apple Pay transforms your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a virtual wallet. With just a touch or glance, you can complete transactions effortlessly.

How to setup Apple Pay 

Before you can use the Apple digital wallet, you need to set it up on your Apple device. You don’t need to stress yourself downloading the app, because it comes pre-installed. 

Follow these steps to do that.

1. Open the Wallet app on your device.

2. Tap “Add Credit or Debit Card” and follow the prompts.

3. You can add your card manually or use the device’s camera to capture the card details.

4. Once your card is verified, you’re ready to use Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay at Scheels

Using Apple Pay at Market Basket is a straightforward process. It offers speed and convenience. 

Once you’re done linking a payment method to the digital wallet, the next step is to use it at the nearest Scheels store, or visit their official website. 

Follow these steps to pay at Scheels using Apple Pay

  • After picking your items
  • Head straight to the cashier or contactless payment terminal
  • Open your iPhone or Apple watch and navigate to the Apple Pay wallet
  • Bring your device near the NFC Reader
  • Confirm your payment using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Wait till you feel a vibration or a buzz indicating successful payment.

That’s it, your payment is completed. 

What Forms of Payment does Market Basket Accept

Market Basket, a household name in grocery (supermarket) retail chain, is known for offering a vast array of products that cater to seafood, fresh produce, dairy, frozen foods, meat, beer and wine, health and beauty aids, snacks, With a reputation for quality and customer service, it’s only natural to wonder about the payment methods the store accepts.

Market Basket offers different kinds of payment options for in-store, online, and in-app purchases. 

These are the accepted payment methods at Market Basket


Credit/Debit Cards from major cards distributors companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

Apple Pay (at some selected locations)

Google Pay (at some selected locations)

Gift Cards

EBT(SNAP or Food Stamp)

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Market Basket

Using Apple Pay at Market Basket offers several advantages. Firstly, it’s a contactless payment method, which is not only convenient but also helps in promoting a safer shopping environment. Additionally, Apple Pay users can quickly manage their loyalty cards and receive digital receipts, further streamlining their shopping experience.

Does Market Basket Accept Apple Pay for in-store Purchases?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay as a payment method at some Market Basket locations. Currently, not all their stores accept Apple Pay. 

You can do yourself a favor by asking the available payment options before making any purchases at the store. 

Does Market Basket Take Google Pay?

To be completely honest, not every Market Basket store currently supports Google Pay as a payment option. However, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use Google Pay at specific stores within the Market Basket chain. If you’re planning a shopping trip, it’s a good idea to inquire about the available payment methods in advance. You can easily get in touch with their customer service for more information.

Additionally, you can pay at all of its stores using Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, EBT, Gift Cards. 

Does Market Basket Take Gift Cards?

Yes, customers can pay using the Market Basket gift card for in-store and online orders. 

The gift card can be used for baby showers, holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. It can be redeemed for any products of your choice at Market Basket and the Market Basket Pharmacies. 

Does Market Basket Take EBT?

The answer is Yes. Market Basket does accept EBT (SNAP or Food Stamp) at all of its locations. Customers can purchase groceries, fresh produce, meat, etc, using EBT at any DeMoulas Market Basket supermarket. 


Is Apple Pay widely accepted at Market Basket locations?

Yes, many Market Basket stores accept Apple Pay for quick and secure transactions. However, not all Market Basket accept Apple Pay at the moment. 

Can I link multiple cards to my Apple Pay account?

Absolutely. Apple Pay allows you to add multiple credit or debit cards to your digital wallet.

Is Apple Pay safe to use at Market Basket?

Yes, Apple Pay is renowned for its security measures, making it a safe payment option.

Are there any additional fees for using Apple Pay at Market Basket?

Typically, there are no additional fees for using Apple Pay; it’s a free service for customers.

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In a world where convenience and security are paramount, Apple Pay has become a go-to payment method for many. Fortunately, Market Basket has embraced this digital payment solution, allowing customers to enjoy swift and secure transactions. So, next time you’re at your local Market Basket, don’t forget to use Apple Pay for a hassle-free shopping experience. Leave your wallet behind and embrace the future of payment convenience!

Please note that payment methods and policies at Market Basket may evolve, so it’s advisable to check with your local store for the most up-to-date information on accepted payment options.

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