Does Total Wine Take Apple Pay? – How it Works in 2023

As a frequent shopper at Total Wine & More, you might be wondering, does Total Wine take Apple Pay? Can I pay with my iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch at Total Wine & More using Apple Pay?  Can I pay with Apple Pay at the Total Wine website or mobile app? The answer is No. Total Wine does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method at the store, online, and in-app purchases. 

However, there are other accepted payment methods at Total Wine retail stores. As you read through, you’ll get to know the available payment options and other related cases you need to know. 

Understanding Total Wine & More

Total Wine & More is a family-owned American alcoholic retailer founded in 1991 by two brothers”David $ Robert Trone” in Claymont, Delaware, U.S. Total Wine was named Retailer of the year in 2006 by “Market Watch”,  in 2008, “Beverage Dynamic ls” awarded them the Retailer of the year. Also in 2004 and 2014, the “Wine Enthusiast Magazine” named them the Retailer of the year. 

They operate in the United States and offer alcoholic beverages products to consumers such as, Wine, Spirits, and any other liquor products from all parts of the world. 

Does Total Wine & More accept Apple Pay?

Disappointly, No! Total Wine is currently not accepting Apple Pay as a payment method for in-store, online, and in-app purchases. 

Nevertheless, there are other available payment options they accept such as PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Gift Cards and Coupons. 

You might be disappointed by the absence of Apple Pay at Total Wine but, it shouldn’t be a problem. The availability of PayPal at Total Wine already covers the convenient, fast, and secure payment experience Apple Pay offers while shopping

Customers can pay at all Total Wine stores using Credit or Debit Cards, Cash, the Total Wine Gift cards, Coupon. Customers who are enrolled in the Total Wine loyalty program stand eligible to earn rewards, points, and Promotions per transaction. 

In summary, going by how popular and relevant Apple Pay has become, Total Wine might consider integrating Apple Pay as a payment method in the near future. 

Can I use Apple Pay for Online purchases at Total Wine?

No, Apple Pay is not supported at all Total Wine locations, online, and in-app purchases. The only accepted digital payment method is “PayPal” which can be used for online and in-app purchases only. 

To use PayPal at Total Wine, while shopping at the website or mobile app, during checkout, select PayPal as your payment method and proceed with your payment. 

Can I use Apple Pay for in-store purchases at Total Wine?

Absolutely No. Total Wine does not accept Apple Pay as a payment option for in-store payment. Not just at the store, you can’t use it at the website or mobile app. This simply means Apple Pay is not yet supported by Total Wine. Probably in the near future, it might be introduced as a means of payment.

However, customers can pay with Cash, credit/debit cards, or Total Wine Gift cards for in-store purchases. 

Other Accepted Payment Methods at Total Wine

When it comes to accepted payment options, Total Wine offers a good number of payment methods, but for in-store and online purchases. It means customers can comfortably choose the payment option of their choice and complete Their payment during checkout. 

Here are the available payment options at Total Wine

Cash: Customers can pay with cash at all Total Wine locations.

Credit/Debit Cards: Credit/Debit Cards from major card distributors companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover that are linked to a U.S. billing address are accepted for in-store, online, and in-app payment at Total Wine. 

Total Wine Gift Cards: Total Wine customers can pay for purchases using the Total Wine Gift card at all of its locations. 

PayPal: In the absence of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, customers can pay at Total Wine using “PayPal” as a payment method during checkout on the website and mobile app only. 

What are the available Products at Total Wine

Are you looking for where to buy whiskey, wine, and all other types of alcoholic beverages? Look no further. Total Wine & More offers varieties of all kinds of alcoholic beverages at discount prices. 

All Total Wine stores have at least 8,000 types of wine from all parts of the world, 3,000 different kinds of spirits (these are the ones permitted by law), and about 2,500 various kinds of beer. These wines, beer, and spirits include the finest Red wines, Sparklings wines, white wines, Vodka, and Tequilas. 

Again, at Total Wine & More, shoppers can purchase Accessories, gifts, and cigarettes. 

Also, they offer publication pertaining to guides on beer, spirits, and wine to customers. Including locations that cover specific loyalty programs for discounts on future purchases. 

Can I order online at Total Wine?

Yes, customers can order drinks online on the website and mobile app and pay with Paypal, Credit or Debit Cards during checkout. 

Do Total Wine Deliver Orders?

Yes, Total Wine offers delivery services to almost all parts of the United States. They offer same day delivery and shipping to your doorstep. 

Customers who would like same day delivery, this is how to go about it. Enter your zip code on the Total Wine website and see if it’s available in your city. If your location is not among the selected cities, you can choose the shipping option and it will be shipped to any address provided by you. 

Does Total Wine offer a Return Policy?

Absolutely Yes! Total Wine has a return policy. Sometimes, you might not like the product that was delivered to you. In such cases, you’re covered by the flexible Total Wine return policy. 

There are two ways to return any unsatisfied products.

  1. Return to the nearest Total Wine store 


  1. Return through Mail. 

To return a product on Total Wine, you need to provide these two things.

  1. The product’s order number.


  1. The reason for the return. 

After providing these two requirements, you’ll be refunded by Total Wine the same method you made the payment. 

Alcoholic Beverages Brands that accept Apple Pay (Liquor Stores that accept Apple Pay)

Unlike Total Wine & More that doesn’t support Apple Pay, there are a good number of Liquor Stores that accept the Apple Pay digital wallet as a means of payment. 

Here are some liquor stores that accept Apple Pay.

Wooden Cork


Liquor Barn

Empire Wine

Prime Time Liquor

Master of Malt

Bitters and Bottles

K & L Wine Merchants

Moreno’s Liquors


Justin’s House of Bourbon

LeNells Beverage Boutique

Amaro Spirits and Wine

Astor Wine and Spirits


Off – Premise 

General Store by Amore y Amargo

Batch 13

Westport Whiskey and Wine. 

These and many more liquor stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method. 


Does Total Wine offer Coupons and Discount Codes?

Yes, Total Wine offers coupons and discount codes to their rewards members. As a Total Wine loyalty rewards member, you stand eligible to earn points, which can be redeemed for discounts on your future purchases. 

Does Total Wine Take Google Pay?

Disappointly No! Total Wine does not accept Google Pay as a payment method either at the store or online purchases. The available payment options are Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, gift cards , and PayPal. 

Does Total Wine Take PayPal?

Interestingly Yes! Total Wine & More accept PayPal as a payment method for online and in-app purchases only. With PayPal customers enjoy a swift payment experience.  It’s secure, reliable, fast, and convenient to use. 

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in summary, Total Wine & More does not currently accept Apple Pay as a payment method. But going with how fast contactless payment is replacing the traditional way of payment, Total Wine might consider integrating Apple Pay as a payment method.

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