Does Stop and Shop Take Apple Pay? How To Pay in 2023

Are you wondering if Stop and Shop accept contactless pay? Or does Stop and Shop take Apple Pay? As a frequent customer, you might be wondering if the giant grocery store accepts the Apple digital wallet as a payment method. Whichever way you’re asking, the answer is absolutely Yes, Stop and Shop does accept Apple Pay for in-store and online payment. To get started, you need a compatible Apple device. Secondly, you need to set up the Apple wallet by linking your card. Thirdly, once the card is linked, you can pay with it at any Stop and Shop supermarket locations. 

Currently, the contactless payment method is gradually dominating over the traditional way of making payments like Cash and Cards. One of the most used digital wallets, Apple Pay, is widely accepted for payment options at most retail stores, Gas stations, Fast-food restaurants and many other places.  Reason why people are gradually opting for the digital wallet, especially Apple Pay, is because of its simplicity, fast payment experience and high security measures. It offers a quick checkout and makes payment more easier for customers.  

As you read through, you’ll learn what Apple Pay is all about, how to set it up, and how to use it at Stop and Shop supermarkets. Now let’s delve into the details in full. 

Understanding Stop and Shop Grocery store

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Before delving into the compatibility of Apple Pay at Stop and Shop, let’s take a moment to understand what Stop and Shop is all about

Stop and Shop supermarket company is one of the most popular and oldest grocery stores that operates in the Northeastern United States. It has grown to about 406 locations across Six States. It was founded in 1914, 109 years ago by the “Rabinovitz/Rabb Family” at Somerville Massachusetts, U.S, but currently headquartered in Quincy Massachusetts, United States. 

They specialized in offering these products to customers Gelatin, Seafood, Dairy, Pharmacy, Florist, Bakery, Grocery, Deli, Meats, General Merchandise, Produce, and Gasoline at some selected locations. 

Does Stop and Shop Accept Apple Pay?

The answer is Yes. Stop and Shop is among numerous retailers that accept Apple Pay in the United States such as Bojangles, Insomnia Cookies, Family Dollar, KFC, McDonald’s, and many more. As a matter of fact, they were among the first grocery stores that started accepting the Apple digital wallet. It gives customers a quicker checkout experience. It allows users to pay for items/products with their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook, by simply tapping the Apple device and bringing it closer to the NFC Reader. It offers an effortless service and is convenient to customers. 

In summary, when next you visit Stop and Shop for your grocery shopping, you can conveniently pay using your Apple Pay wallet. You no longer need to bother about forgetting some Cash or Cards at home. 

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Apple Inc. It allows users to store their credit and debit card information securely on their Apple devices, including iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs. Using near field communication (NFC) technology, customers can make payments at compatible payment terminals by simply tapping their devices.

How to setup Apple Pay

In order to utilize Apple Pay, the initial step involves configuring the application wallet. The advantage is that downloading the app is not necessary as long as you possess an Apple device that is compatible. The Apple digital wallet is already installed beforehand.

Follow these steps to set up Apple Pay

  • Open your iPhone and click on the app wallet
  • Click on “+” (Add a Card”) to add your preferred card.
  • Enter the card information (CVV, card number, name, and expiry date).
  • Verify the information provided.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • Your digital wallet is ready to use. 

How to use Apple Pay at Stop and Shop

After setting up the Apple Pay wallet on your Apple device, the next step is to go ahead and enjoy the rest of your shopping at Stop and Shop supermarkets using the Apple digital wallet. 

Follow these steps to pay

  • After selecting the items you want in the cart, head straight to the cashier.
  • Open the Apple Pay wallet on your iPhone or double click the side button on your Apple watch.
  • Bring your device (iPhone or Apple watch) closer to the contactless terminal (NFC Reader). 
  • Validate the payment using Face ID or Touch ID. 
  • Wait till you feel a vibration (iPhone) or a buzz (Apple watch) indicating successful payment.
  • That’s it! Your payment is completed, you can go home with your items. 

Can I pay online at Stop and Shop using Apple Pay?

Absolutely Yes. shoppers that prefer online shopping can pay using the Apple digital wallet at Stop and Shop website. All you’ve to do is link your card (credit/debit) to your Apple digital wallet on your Apple device and use it during checkout at the website. In conclusion, you can conveniently use the Apple wallet at Stop and Shop both for in-store and online purchases. 

Does Stop and Shop accept Apple Cards?

The answer is yes, you can pay using your Apple card at any Stop and Shop locations. Also, you can add it to your Apple Pay wallet and use it during checkout for online purchases. 

Stores, Fast-food restaurants, and Gas stations that accept Apple Pay

There are many supermarkets/grocery stores, Fast-food restaurants and Gas stations that accept Apple Pay as a payment method. 

Here is the list.

Grocery Stores


Whole Foods





These are some of the grocery stores that accept Apple Pay, the list is endless. 

Fast-Food Restaurants




Pizza Hut



Burger King

White Castle

It doesn’t end here, there are many other restaurants that accept Apple Pay. 

Gas Stations



Exxon Mobil

Kim & Go





Circle K



Plus other stores accept the Apple digital wallet. 

Other Accepted Payment Methods at Stop and Shop

Stop and Shop gives customers many options to pay after picking up their items. Let’s examine the existing payment methods. Stop and Shop traditionally accepts


Credit cards & Debit cards

Personal Checks

Stop and Shop gift cards

and EBT cards (for eligible purchases). 

Also, they support contactless payment methods like,

Apple Pay

Google Pay

and Samsung Pay

Over the years, the supermarket has adapted to technological advancements, leading to the acceptance of various mobile payment methods.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Stop and Shop

1. Speed and Convenience:

Apple Pay offers a host of benefits at Stop and Shop, making it a popular choice for customers. The standout advantages include its speed and convenience during checkout. With just a quick tap on their Apple devices, shoppers can complete transactions within seconds, eliminating the hassle of searching for cash or swiping cards. This not only saves time but also reduces checkout lines, leading to a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.

2. Enhanced Security:

Another crucial aspect of Apple Pay is the enhanced security it provides. Protecting payment information is paramount, and Apple Pay ensures this through tokenization and device-specific numbers. Each transaction generates a unique one-time code, preventing actual card details from being shared with the merchant. Additionally, the added security of Face ID or Touch ID authorization makes it tough for unauthorized users to access the payment function on the device, offering peace of mind to customers.

3. Loyalty Rewards Integration:

Moreover, Apple Pay seamlessly integrates loyalty rewards programs at Stop and Shop. By adding rewards cards to the Wallet app, customers can earn points and receive discounts without carrying physical cards. This integration streamlines the rewards redemption process, making it more appealing for customers to participate in loyalty programs and enjoy the benefits they offer.

Comparing Apple Pay with Other Payment Methods:

When we compare Apple Pay to conventional payment methods like cash, credit cards, and debit cards, it becomes clear that Apple Pay provides a smoother and safer payment experience. Unlike cards that may be vulnerable to fraud or getting misplaced, Apple Pay’s tokenized system and biometric authentication offer an added level of security. Additionally, the quick transaction speed of Apple Pay outperforms the process of inserting or swiping cards, making it a top choice for customers who value efficiency and convenience.

Limitations and Potential Issues on Apple Pay

While Apple Pay provides numerous benefits, it’s essential to acknowledge some limitations and potential issues. One primary concern is the requirement for compatible Apple devices. Customers with older iPhones or non-Apple smartphones may not be able to enjoy the benefits of Apple Pay. Additionally, not all merchants, including some smaller businesses, may support Apple Pay, limiting its usability in certain locations.


Does Stop and Shop take Google Pay?

Yes, Stop and Shop does accept Google Pay. This is great news for Android users. You can pay with the Google Pay wallet at Stop and Shop and any other place it’s accepted. To get started, link your credit/debit card to the Google wallet, and go on and use it the same way you use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. 

Does Stop and Shop take Samsung Pay?

Yes, Samsung users are not left out. Stop and Shop supports the three well known contactless payments such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay as payment methods, thereby giving customers a variety of payment options depending on your mobile device during checkout. 

Does Stop and Shop accept Apple Pay at the Gas Stations?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at Stop and Shop gas stations. After filling up your tank, you can pay with the Apple Pay wallet by bringing your iPhone closer to the NFC Reader.

Can I use Apple Pay at all Stop and Shop locations?

Absolutely Yes! Apple Pay is accepted at most Stop and Shop stores as a convenient payment method. To be sure, it’s a good idea to check with your local store or visit their website for confirmation.

Is Apple Pay secure for making payments?

Yes, Apple Pay prioritizes your security by employing advanced measures such as tokenization and device-specific numbers to protect your payment information. Additionally, the added layer of security provided by Face ID or Touch ID ensures that only you can authorize transactions.

Can I earn loyalty rewards when using Apple Pay at Stop and Shop?

Yes of course! You can seamlessly link your Stop and Shop loyalty rewards card with Apple Pay, allowing you to earn points and avail discounts just as you would with traditional card payments.

Does Apple Pay work with all credit and debit cards?

Apple Pay is compatible with a wide range of credit and debit cards issued by major banks and card providers. For assurance, it’s recommended to verify with your card provider to ensure compatibility with Apple Pay.

Are there any transaction limits for using Apple Pay?

Transaction limits may vary depending on the specific store and your card’s issuing bank. To stay informed, it’s best to check with your bank or the merchant to get the latest information on transaction limits applicable to Apple Pay.

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In summary, Apple Pay brings numerous benefits to customers shopping at Stop and Shop. With its fast and convenient payment process, enhanced security features, integration of loyalty rewards, and the ease of contactless payments, Apple Pay truly enhances the overall shopping experience. Despite some minor limitations, customer feedback shows that many prefer Apple Pay for its efficiency and peace of mind at checkout. So, the next time you visit Stop and Shop, consider using Apple Pay to enjoy a smooth and secure shopping journey.

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