Does Target Take Apple Pay? 2023 (All You Need To Know)

Key Takeaways

Does Target take Apple Pay?

yes, Target does accept Apple Pay for in-store, online, and in-app purchases.

Does Target take/accept Google Pay?

yes, Target accept Google Pay for in-store purchases only.

Does Target accept contactless payment?

yes, Target does accept contactless payment. This means customers can now pay for purchases with their iPhone or Android.


Target is a well-known retail store in the US, they also operate in Canada.

It’s ranked the seventh-largest retail store in the United States. 

It was founded as a corporation 120 years ago on June 24, 1902, and later became a store 60 years ago on May 1, 1962. 

Their headquarters “Target Plaza” is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. It has about 1,948 stores scattered all over the US and Canada, with over 440,000 employees. 

On the other hand, Apple Pay is one of the best contactless payment methods widely used in the United States. To access Apple Pay, you must be an Apple user. iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch, or iPad are compatible with Apple Pay. 

So one might be wondering, does Target accept Apple Pay? Yes, they support contactless payment, which Includes Apple Pay. 


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                     Quick Insight 

As an Apple user, you can make payments at Target using Apple Pay. You can decide to use their self-checkout method, or you pay through the Cashier. Also, when shopping online at Target, Apple Pay can be used as a payment method. 

Now let’s see how you can use Apple Pay at Target stores. 

Can You Use Apple Pay at Target?

Absolutely yes. 

Unlike Walmart and Dollar General, that doesn’t support Apple Pay. 

Target accepts a contactless payment method. If you don’t have physical cash, you can pay with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay. 

Also, there are other payment methods supported by Target. You will know them as you read on.

How To Use Apple Pay at Target?

First of all, before you can use Apple Pay, make sure you’ve linked a credit or debit card to the app. 

When shopping at Target during checkout, you’ll be asked which payment method you want to pay with. 

You can select either, 

Physical Cash 

Debit or Credit Card 

Contactless Payment – like Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Since you are paying with Apple Pay, select it as your payment method, and you’re done. 

This is how it is done 

  • Go to any Target store near you 
  • Pick the items you’re purchasing, head straight to the cashier 
  • Once with the cashier, pull up your iPhone or wearables, like Apple Watch 
  • Select the card you want to use, bring your phone closer to the card reader, and wait for to it vibrates 
  • Follow the prompts either on your phone or on the card reader 
  • Once successful, you’ll be notified via a beep or thank you sms. 

How Do You Use Apple Pay on Target App?

It’s very easy to use Apple Pay when shopping with the Target App, and more convenient. 

If you’re using the Target App, after picking your items,

  • Click on the “Cart”
  • You’ll see a list of your items and the total amount 
  • Near the checkout tab, you’ll see “Apple Pay“, choose it as your payment method, and you’re good to go. 

Does Target Accept Other Methods of Payment Apart From Apple Pay?

Yes, there are other payment methods you can use when shopping at Target.

some of them are,



Personal Check 

Gift Card 

Target Store Card 

Samsung Pay 

Google Pay 

Apple Pay 

Credit Card 

Debit Card 

Target App Payment 

Merchant Voucher 

Rebate Check 

Target Temporary Slips 


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Can You Use Apple Pay On The Target Website?

Yes, you can use it on their website.

However, there’s a condition attached to it. 

You must use Apple Products like, Apple Watch, iPhone, or MacBook. 

If you’re using a MacBook, the only browser that can access is Safari. You can’t use Chrome or Firefox.

  • Go to the official website and pick the items you need 
  • Put them in a cart, and head to checkout 
  • Enter the delivery address, and confirm the items 
  • Choose “Apple Pay” as your payment method to complete your purchases 

Does Apple Pay Work on All iPhone Models?

This is where many people get it wrong. 

As an iPhone user to enjoy Apple Pay, make sure your model supports Touch ID and Face ID. Excluding iPhone 5s. 

What Are The Limits Of Using Apple Pay at Target?

It depends on where you live.

If you reside in Canada, your limit is 250 CAD, at once. Once you’re shopping at Target using Apple Pay you can’t exceed the limit. 

But in the United States, it’s unlimited. You can shop as much as you want, both at the store and online. 

However, you’ll be required to enter a PIN or signature anytime you exceed a $50 purchase. 


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Are There Fees Associated With Apple Pay at Target?

Apple Pay is free, they don’t charge a dime. 

Not just only at Target, but anywhere else Apple Pay is accepted. 


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The good news is, Target accepts Contactless payment unlike Dollar General and Walmart. 

All you’ve to do is select your preferred card and pay using Apple Pay. 

There are many other stores, coffee shops, and restaurants that accept Apple Pay in the US, such as 


Sam’s Club 


 To mention just a few. 


Does Target take/accept Samsung Pay?

yes, just like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can also pay using the Samsung Pay when making purchases at Target authorized stores.

Does Target accept Apple Pay in their stores?

“Great news for Apple enthusiasts! Yes, Target now accepts Apple Pay as a convenient payment method at their brick-and-mortar stores. So, whether you’ve got an iPhone, an Apple Watch, or any other compatible Apple device, you can now breeze through the checkout process with a simple and secure contactless payment. This means you can easily make purchases using your favorite Apple gadgets and experience a seamless shopping experience at Target’s physical locations.


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Can I use Apple Pay for online purchases at Target?

Yes, Target gladly accepts Apple Pay for your online purchases through their user-friendly website and mobile app. When you’re ready to check out, just choose Apple Pay as your payment option, and follow the simple prompts to securely and conveniently complete your transaction. This seamless integration of Apple Pay ensures a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for all Target customers. Happy shopping with Apple Pay at Target!

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using Apple Pay at Target?

When it comes to using Apple Pay at Target, you’ll be happy to know that it works for most eligible purchases without any hassles. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that certain Target stores might have their own policies or technical limitations that could impact Apple Pay acceptance. To avoid any inconveniences during your shopping, it’s always a smart move to double-check with the friendly store staff or keep an eye out for those helpful Apple Pay acceptance signs at the checkout.

By doing so, you can enjoy a seamless and convenient transaction using Apple Pay at Target!

Does Target take/accept Paypal?

the good news is yes. For PayPal enthusiasts, you can now pay with the mobile banking app for online and in-app purchases at Target. However, you can’t be able to use it for in-store payment.

Does Target take/accept Afterpay?

Yes, customers can pay using the Afterpay app. But it’s only limited to online and in-app purchases. You can use it during checkout when leveraging their online platforms.

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