Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay? (updated 2023)

Does Zaxby’s take Apple Pay?

Zaxby’s is one of the several stores and restaurants that offer Apple Pay as a convenient payment option. You can use Apple Pay at Zaxby’s for in-restaurant purchases, online orders, drive-thru transactions, and even within their mobile app. However, it’s important to note that not all Zaxby’s locations have implemented NFC Readers yet. As a result, the accepted payment methods may vary depending on the specific restaurant you visit.


In today’s era of digital advancements, the significance of fast and hassle-free cashless transactions has escalated. With the emergence of mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, individuals now have the ability to make swift and secure payments using their smartphones. This piece delves into the subject of whether Zaxby’s, the renowned fast-food establishment celebrated for its delectable chicken menu, accommodates Apple Pay as a viable payment alternative.

Understanding Apple Pay

Apple Pay, developed by Apple Inc., is a service that enables mobile payments and serves as a digital wallet. It provides users with the convenience of making secure payments using their compatible Apple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. By securely storing credit and debit card details, Apple Pay allows users to effortlessly make purchases in physical stores, online, and within various applications with a simple tap or glance.


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Zaxby’s and Digital Payments

Zaxby’s is a privately owned restaurant that was established in August 1990 and is headquartered in Athens, Georgia, in the United States. It primarily operates in the southern region of the country and boasts over 940 physical restaurants and drive-thrus spread throughout the United States.

Zaxby’s is renowned for its delectable offerings, including top-notch Chicken Fingers, Wings, French fries, Texas toast, and other mouthwatering meals.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, businesses are adapting to the changing landscape by embracing digital payment methods. Zaxby’s, being a customer-centric brand, understands the significance of providing convenient and diverse payment options to its customers. The surge in digital payments has motivated Zaxby’s to explore and integrate various payment solutions into its operations, such as contactless (Electronic) payment.

Many Zaxby’s customers are still uncertain about whether Google Pay is an accepted payment method or not. Well, the good news is that Zaxby’s does accept Google Pay, but only for in-restaurant transactions. Unfortunately, you cannot use Google Pay for purchases made outside of their physical restaurants. However, if you prefer to dine at the drive-thru, order online, or use their app, you can utilize Apple Pay as a payment method. Additionally, if you prefer the convenience of delivery, you can place your Zaxby’s order through popular delivery platforms such as Postmates, UberEATS, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

In this article, we will delve into how to use Apple Pay at Zaxby’s and explore other intriguing facts about this restaurant. Stay tuned for more information!

Zaxby’s Payment Options

Zaxby’s offers various payment methods for customers, catering to both online and in-person transactions. When it comes to in-person payments at their establishments, Zaxby’s accepts major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, cash payments are also welcomed at their locations. In order to adapt to evolving industry trends, Zaxby’s has made efforts to expand their range of payment options in recent times.


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Does Zaxby’s Accept Apple Pay?

Zaxby’s acknowledges Apple Pay as a valid form of payment at their establishments. This implies that patrons can conveniently utilize their Apple devices to make purchases at any Zaxby’s location. By incorporating support for Apple Pay, Zaxby’s strives to improve the overall satisfaction of their customers by providing a smooth and secure payment alternative.

Please bear in mind that accepted payment methods may differ depending on the specific Zaxby’s restaurant. It is advisable to inquire about the available options before visiting their establishments.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s

Apple Pay provides numerous advantages when used at Zaxby’s. One key benefit is the expedited checkout process, enabling customers to make swift transactions, particularly during busy periods. Moreover, Apple Pay incorporates tokenization technology, enhancing security measures. This means that during a payment, the merchant does not receive the actual card details, thereby reducing the potential risks associated with data breaches and fraudulent activities.

How to Use Apple Pay at Zaxby 

To utilize Apple Pay at Zaxby’s, just follow these straightforward instructions:

1. Make sure that your Apple device, which is compatible with Apple Pay, has been set up properly.

2. Open either the Apple Pay app or access it via your device’s wallet feature.

3. Position your device in close proximity to the contactless payment terminal located at the Zaxby’s counter.

4. Verify the payment by making use of either Face ID, Touch ID, or your device’s passcode.

5. Await confirmation of the successful transaction, and then savor your meal at Zaxby’s.

How To Apple Pay using Zaxby App

The Zaxby App presents a plethora of rewards and bonuses to its customers, providing an excellent opportunity to save money for future purchases.

Follow the steps below to pay at Zaxby App

  • Visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the Zaxby’s App.
  • Create an account, or login to your account if you’ve one already.
  • Leverage the app and place your order 
  • Click on the cart and choose either pick up or home delivery, depending on your choice.
  • Click on “Checkout”.
  • Choose any of the listed payment options, Apple Pay, Gift Cards, Credit/Debit cards.
  • For Zax club members, you’ll get instant points for future purchases.
  • Confirm the Payment using your Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode.
  • Once completed, you’ll receive a notification text or email. 

Does Zaxby Take Cash App?

No, Zaxby doesn’t support Cash App as a means of payment in-restaurants, online, and in-app. 

However, there are many other stores/restaurants that accept Cash App. 

Here is the list of restaurants that accept Cash App.



Chili’s Grill & Bar

Pizza Hut

Panera Bread


Dairy Queen

Little Caesars

Panda Express

Jack in the Box


Taco Bell






Texas Roadhouse




Burger King


Sonic Drive-in 

Olive Garden

Outback Steakhouse



Chipotle Mexican Grills

And many other restaurants will support Cash App as a means of payment in 2023. 


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Alternative Payment Methods at Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s acknowledges that although Apple Pay provides convenience, they recognize that not all customers may have access to this specific payment option. As a result, Zaxby’s remains committed to accepting various other popular payment methods. These include credit and debit cards, cash, Gift Cards, as well as alternative mobile payment apps such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay. By offering these diverse payment options, Zaxby’s ensures that all customers have a wide range of choices available to them when making their purchases.

Enhancing Convenience with Apple Pay

Zaxby’s is taking a customer-centric approach by adopting Apple Pay, aiming to elevate convenience and satisfaction for their patrons. By enabling swift and secure payments through Apple devices, customers can now focus on savoring their meals rather than navigating complex transaction processes. This seamless integration of technology and exceptional customer service showcases Zaxby’s dedication to delivering an outstanding dining experience.

Security Measures with Apple Pay

Apple Pay places a high emphasis on user security by incorporating various protective measures. When initiating a payment, Apple Pay generates a distinct transaction code, commonly known as a token, exclusively for that specific transaction. This token replaces the actual card details, significantly reducing the chances of unauthorized individuals gaining access to sensitive information. Furthermore, Apple Pay mandates biometric authentication or a passcode to validate transactions, providing an additional layer of security.

The Future of Digital Payments at Zaxby’s

As the landscape of digital payments continues to progress, Zaxby’s is expected to enhance its range of payment options to meet the evolving preferences of its customers. To accommodate the growing popularity and convenience of mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, it is crucial for businesses to adapt and provide a smooth experience for their technology-oriented clientele.


In conclusion, Zaxby’s does accept Apple Pay as a payment option, providing customers with a convenient and secure method to make purchases. By integrating Apple Pay into their payment options, Zaxby’s aims to enhance the overall customer experience and keep pace with the evolving digital payment landscape. Whether customers prefer Apple Pay or alternative payment methods, Zaxby’s strives to provide diverse options to meet their customers’ needs.


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Does Zaxby Accept Apple Pay in-store/restaurants?

Yes! You can pay for your order using Apple Pay at most Zaxby’s restaurants. 

Note: currently, not all Zaxby restaurants accept Contactless (Electronic) payment. 

Does Zaxby Take tap to Pay?

Yes, tap to pay is accepted in all Zaxby locations, online, and in-app. 

Don’t forget to ask beforehand the type of payment methods accepted anytime you visit Zaxby’s restaurants. Also, accepted payment methods might vary depending on your location. 

Does Zaxby drive-thru Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay is accepted in all Zaxby locations. 

Does Zaxby Take Google Pay?


For now, Google Pay is supported only at the restaurants. 

Your location might determine whether Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay is accepted. Installation of the NFC Reader is still ongoing in some locations. 

 Can I use Apple Pay at all Zaxby’s locations?

Yes, While Apple Pay is generally accepted at the majority of Zaxby’s locations, it is advisable to verify with the specific Zaxby’s restaurant you plan to visit to confirm the availability of Apple Pay.

Can I use Apple Pay with Zaxby’s mobile app?

Currently, Zaxby’s mobile application has recently introduced Apple Pay as a supported payment method. However, the option to use Google Pay directly within the Zaxby’s App is currently unavailable, but you can use it via a third party when ordering using delivery companies. Nevertheless, you can utilise Google Pay for payment purposes at the majority of Zaxby’s restaurants.

Are there any additional fees when using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s?

No, When making payments at Zaxby’s using Apple Pay, there are no extra charges involved. The payment procedure remains unchanged from traditional credit or debit card transactions.


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What other mobile payment methods does Zaxby’s accept?

In addition to Apple Pay, Zaxby’s acknowledges other widely used mobile payment options, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These alternatives offer customers added convenience by allowing them to choose their preferred mobile payment solution.

Can I still earn loyalty points or rewards when using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s?

Yes, When utilizing Apple Pay at Zaxby’s, customers can still accrue loyalty points or receive rewards. However, in order to be eligible for this offer, it is necessary to utilize Zaxby’s mobile app. During the transaction, it is important to link your loyalty account or provide the required information to ensure that you receive the appropriate rewards.

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