Does Venmo Have Buyer/Purchase Protection?(Updated 2023) 

Yes, Venmo buyers protection is available for customers that follows the due process and meet the requirements.


When it comes to the best digital banking sectors in the United States, Venmo is among the best. while PayPal, the parent company, is dominating globally. 

Initially, Venmo was designed specifically for payment between mutual individuals. That’s, people you know.

Currently, they are one of the best peer-to-peer transaction platforms in the US. You can rely on them for Easy and Fast transactions. 

Venmo has expanded its services. Going with the new development, a buyer can pay for purchases using Venmo as a means of payment. 

As a buyer, you stand a chance for “Venmo Purchase Protection” if you’re eligible. Venmo introduced this feature in 2021. There’s an approach to follow before your purchases can be protected. 

They are,

  1. Buy from a seller with a verified Venmo Business profile. Make sure the business profile is recognized by Venmo.
  2. If you’re paying to a “Personal Profile”, tag the payment as “Purchase”. If you do this, your payment will be covered as “Purchase Protection”. 

In this article, you’ll be learning,

How Venmo purchase protection works,

Who is eligible,

Purchase protection fee,

And other related issues, stick around. 

Does Venmo Have Buyer Protection? 

The answer is yes, Venmo have buyer protection, but you’ve to meet the requirements. 

If you’re paying into a Venmo personal profile, don’t forget to tag the payment as “Purchase”. Also, make sure you’re paying to a recognized Venmo business profile. 

If you can adhere to these instructions, your payment will be covered by “Purchase Protection”. 

Identifying a payment as a purchase, helps Venmo to track and recover such transactions when it fails. 

Business owners are advised to have a Venmo business profile. Once payment is made to the profile, Venmo automatically protects the transaction. With a business profile, you can accept payment using a QR Code. Again, you’ll not be charged the 3% fee if you receive funds from goods bought. 

However, if you encounter any dissatisfaction such as, what you ordered, not what you got or you have a broken item on arrival, you can reach out to Venmo Support team

What Are the Transactions Covered by Venmo Purchase Protection?

Three types of transactions are authorized and covered by the Venmo buyers protection program. 

They are,

  • When you pay for goods and services using a Debit Card.
  • When you purchase goods and services from an authorized seller. If you pay to a verified Venmo business profile, your payment automatically has buyer protection. 
  • When you identify a payment made to a personal profile for goods and services as a “Purchase”. 

Any payment which does not correspond to the above-mentioned, will not have a “Buyer Protection”. 

How can you be part of Venmo buyer protection?

If paraventurely, you encounter a challenge with the goods you paid for, Venmo buyer protection can make it right for you. Again, not all transaction or Venmo account is covered by the buyer protection. You need to meet up some requirements.

For example, 

  • If you receive a broken order on arrival.
  • If you have a missing item from the goods you ordered for. 
  • If you paid for services, but didn’t receive the services. 
  • If you ordered an original item but got an inferior quality. 
  • If you ordered sneakers and received a T-shirt.

If you have such cases, Venmo will endeavor to make things right for you.

What is the Venmo Purchase Protection Fee?

There’s an imposed fee of 1.9% and an additional $0.10 for any payment received on a business profile. 

For example, if you bought an item worth $100, the seller will receive $98, and Venmo will take $2 as a fee. 

The seller is the one paying the fee. It has nothing to do with the buyer. 

How to dispute a Venmo payment

If you mistakenly identify a payment as a “Purchase” on Venmo and want to undo it, all you need to do is, contact the Venmo Support team. They will look into the matter, and see if it can be reversed. 


As a seller, if you received a payment wrongly tagged as a “Purchase”, all you’ve got to do is, reach out to the buyer. Venmo can’t do anything except grant permission. 

Will Venmo refund my money if scammed?

In a situation where you received a notification about a payment you know nothing about, be it personal transfer or a purchase, there is a claim system application available. Once you encounter cases like this, where suddenly you see an unaware fund in your account, your next action is to reach out to the Venmo help team immediately. 

Once your application reaches their end, they will verify your details and know the best way of protecting your Venmo account against further scam or hacking. You might be given solutions that will solve the problem and probably get a refund of the money. However, it’s not guaranteed that Venmo will provide any solution or refund any money. So, always be careful in order to protect yourself from fraudulent activity.


How to file a claim on Venmo

For any related cases like possible scam or product purchases, you can make a claim by reaching out to the Venmo contact network. You can do that directly from the mobile app or via their email address 

Also, you can get different help forms on their website depending on your case. Venmo makes sure you report your case and get adequate response to the problem and how to solve it. 

Why Can’t I Tag a Payment as a Purchase on Venmo?

In some cases as a buyer, you might not have the ability or access to identify a payment as a purchase. 

If you come across such, it means the option is not available for that particular transaction. 

Nevertheless, you can try the payment some other time, and see if the option will be available. Whenever this option is available, you’ll see a shield icon, which shows you can tag a payment as a purchase. 

Is the Seller Notified when I Tag a Payment as a Purchase?

Yes, whenever you identify a payment for goods and services, Venmo will notify the seller, so that they will be aware of the fee. 

Any payment tag as a purchase automatically has a Buyers Protection, if you’re eligible. If such a transaction fails, Venmo will investigate and return such payment. 

What are the Transactions Not Covered by Venmo Purchase Protection?

Generally, the purpose of Venmo is to send and receive money from people you know. 

For instance, you don’t expect Venmo to refund you if your payment is made to an unauthorized merchant. 

Here are some payments not covered by Venmo buyer’s protection.

  • As a buyer, if you make any payment to an unauthorized Venmo account or you forget to mention “Purchase” on payment for goods and services to a Venmo personal profile. 
  • As a seller, if you receive any payment on your Venmo personal profile, without the “Purchase” tag. 

The above-mentioned payment will not be covered by Venmo buyer’s protection. 

Eligibility for Venmo Buyers Protection Program?

Before Venmo can look into your case, There are some requirements you have to meet. 

First of all, make sure your identity is verified on Venmo.

Try to resolve any problem with the seller,

If the problem is not resolved, open a dispute with Venmo within 180 days of the purchase being made,

Provide proof, indicating that there was an issue with your goods, 

If you did not receive the refund back from your Bank or Credit Card. 


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Final Thought 

In summary, Venmo offers “Purchase Protection”. But you’ve to be eligible before you can access it. 

For your payment to be covered by Venmo Purchase Protection, you’ve to pay into a Venmo business profile, or you tag the payment as a purchase when paying to a personal profile. 

If you adhere to these instructions, Venmo will refund you. If there’s a failed transaction, or you have a missing item, don’t hesitate to contact the Venmo support team. 

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