How To Add Money To Cash App Card In Store. A Complete Guide.

Are you looking for how to add money to Cash App in stores? If yes, look no further you’re at the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you how to do that. 

Cash App is among the best mobile money payment apps in the US. You can access the App with your iPhone or Android. There are so many features that come with the App. You can send and receive funds, invest in stocks, and Bitcoin, pay for your purchases using your Cash App Card, and much more.

How to add money to your Cash App Card in-store is not a problem. Because Cash App has a good number of authorised retail stores where you can fund your Cash App Card. 

As you read through, this and more will be discussed in this post, stick around.

List Of The Supported Stores To Add Money To Cash App Card.

There are numerous authorised stores in the United States, where you can make your paper money deposit.

Currently, these are the supported stores to fund your Cash App Card.

7 – Eleven 


Kum & Go 




Pilot Travel Centers 


Walmart (Customer Service Desk/Money Center)


Duane Reade 



Dollar General 

Family Dollar 

TravelCenters of America 

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How Do I Add Money To My Cash App Card In-Store?

You can fund your Cash App Card at any of the listed retail stores in the US.

Follow these steps to fund your Cash App Card in store 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Banking” icon 
  • Choose “Paper Money” 
  • Click on “Barcode”

You can enter any address or search for a nearby location by turning on your location. After choosing a location, you can visit the store by clicking on “Direct” on the location info displayed on your screen. Or you can copy the address if you prefer to use Google Maps or Apple Maps depending on your Mobile phone operating system.

  • Once you locate the store, go to the cashier in most stores or go to the customer service desk or money center if you’re using Walmart or H.E.B 
  • Help the cashier by showing your barcode for scanning.
  • Once your barcode is scanned, hand in the money you want to deposit and you’re done.

What Is The Cash App Paper Money Deposit Limit?

If you’re using the paper money deposit to fund your Cash App account, the least you can deposit is $5, and cannot deposit more than $500 per deposit.

You cannot deposit more than $1,000 in a given 7 days and $4,000 in a given 30 days. Cash App will send a notification if you get stuck in a deposit limit.

Do I Need ID Verification For Cash App Paper Money Deposit?

Yes, some stores may request your ID as an added verification process when funding your Cash App account. It’s advisable to follow the store’s policies when making your paper money deposit since they are made in-store.

Is Paper Money Deposit Instant On Cash App?

Cash App has two deposit methods. 

  1. Standard Deposit: which goes to your Bank account 
  2. Instant Deposit: This goes to your linked debit Card.

If you’re using the standard deposit, you will wait for 1-3 working days before the money can reflect on your account, and the service is free.

If you’re using the instant deposit to fund your account no need to wait after putting in the money because it shows immediately to your linked debit Card. The service is not free it comes with 0.5%-1.75% (which is as little as $0.25)

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You can load money to your Cash App Card at any of the listed stores by providing your barcode to the cashier or customer service desk/money center. 

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