Cash App Instant Deposit Not Showing Up- Complete Guide.

Hello guys! I know what stress and inconvenience this might have caused you, the reason why your Cash App Instant deposit has a delay and some difficulty showing up immediately after transaction. The good thing is,in this post is a complete guide that Will help you solve the issue you are having with the instant Cash App deposit. 

There are some reasons that can contribute towards you having an issue with Cash App Instant deposit not showing up immediately after transaction. As you Stick around and read carefully, you will get to know the reasons and how to fix them. 

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How Can I Fix The Cash App Instant DEposit Not Showing Up? 

As I stated earlier, there are reasons that can make your Instant Deposit not to show up immediately after initiating a transaction. 

The first reason that can cause that to happen is, 

  • Supported Cards: This is the first reason that can delay your Cash App Instant deposit not to show up. First of all, you’ve to be sure if your card is supported for the transaction networks cash app uses for instant fund transactions. If your Card is not supported, the Cash App cannot  initiate the transaction process immediately to your Bank Account. Not to worry, if the transaction fails as a result of the unsupported card, the money will be bounced back within 1-3 working days and the deposit fee imposed by the Cash App will be refunded as well. 

Here are the supported cards. 

As seen in the Cash App support page, these are the credit and debit cards they support. 


Master card, 

American Express and 


Also they support other Prepaid Cards. But, PayPal, Business debit Cards and ATM Cards are not supported at the moment. 

  • Poor internet connection: Another thing that might delay the process is internet connection. Sometimes the problem might not be from your card, rather it might be as a result of poor internet connection in your PC/Smartphone. So whenever you want to make an instant deposit on a Cash App, make sure your internet connection is well connected. 
  • Outdated Cash App: If you’re using an outdated Cash App, it’s likely you’re going to experience this. As other Apps do, Cash App also update their app to correct and fix some bugs in previous versions. So to make sure you are on the right path, you can go to the App store for IOS users or Google play store for Android users to update your App whenever there’s a need for that. 

How To Turn On The Instant Deposit Feature On Cash App

Here is where so many people are stuck. 

Cash App has two deposits feature which are, 

Standard Deposit and Instant Deposit. 

To use the instant deposit, you’ve to enable it. While the standard deposit does not require any additional assistance before use. Standard deposit takes up to 1-3 working days for any deposit to reflect and is totally free for all Cash App users while the instant deposit has an imposed minimum fee of $0.25 for any transaction. 

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Here is how to enable the Instant Deposit option. 

  • First of all, you’ve to make sure that your debit Card is linked to your account 
  • Open the activity tab on your Cash App 
  • Select the desired amount you wish to initiate 
  • Lastly, you then select the Instant Deposit option. 

Does Instant Deposit Take Time To Show? 

Just as the word “instant” stands, once you fund your account using the Instant Deposit option, instantly your account will automatically reflect and a 1.5% fee is charged per any Instant Deposit made. 


With a Cash App among the best peer-to-peer money transfer apps, and the complete information you’ve gotten in this post, I believe you will be able to solve the problem of Instant Deposit not showing up whenever you encounter it again. 

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