How To Add Money To Cash App Card at 7- Eleven (2023 Easy Method)

Can I top up my Cash App account at 711?

Yes, as a Cash App user, you can add money to your account at the nearest 7-Eleven store. To do that, you’ve to generate a Cash App barcode,  allowing the cashier to scan the barcode, then hand in the money you want to deposit. 


With the Cash App currently having more than 70 million active users, the company has grown to one of the best peer-to-peer money transaction franchises in the US.

Yet, some people still find it difficult to leverage and make good use of the app such as, how to add money to a Cash App card at 7- Eleven.

Similar to Walgreens and Walmart 7- Eleven Stores is also another retail franchise where you can effortlessly load some money into your Cash App Card.

This post is a complete guide on how to add money to your Cash App Card at 7- Eleven.

Where is the Cash App barcode to load money

Finding the unique barcode to load money into your Cash App account is very easy. 

Follow the simple steps below to do that, 

  • First thing is to open your Cash App (Login into your account). 
  • Navigate to the “Deposit” section, you’ll see the available deposit options like Direct deposit, Bank transfers, recurring deposits, and Paper deposit. Click on “Paper deposit”. 
  • Enter your correct name (first and last name). After you’ve entered them, tap “Next”.
  • Enter your date of birth for additional verification purposes, then click “Next”. 
  • Enter the last four digits 9f your Social Security Number (SSN). After that, click “Next”.
  • Find the nearest available deposit location using the Cash App. Or visit any nearby 7-Eleven store. 
  • Once you click on the location you want to go, you can click on “Show barcode” to generate the unique barcode. Immediately you generate the barcode, it expires after 15 minutes. 

Once you hand the money you want to deposit to the cashier and show your barcode, your money will be deposited into your account immediately. 

This Is How To Add Money To Your Cash App Card At 7- Eleven.

Inside 7-Eleven store: source Getty images

Unlike Walgreens and Walmart, to deposit at 7- Eleven you only need to scan your Cash App barcode, instead of providing your Cash App card number.

Locate any 7- Eleven store, and tell the cashier to help you deposit money to your Cash App using your barcode. If the cashier seems lost or having some difficulties with how to go about it, you will then assist by showing them the steps by clicking the “?” on your Cash App map.

Immediately the barcode is scanned by the cashier, hands in the amount you want to load and the money will reflect in your Cash App balance. To avoid unneeded complications, it’s advisable to go with a copy of your receipt. 

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Can I Swipe My Card When Making A Deposit At 7- Eleven?

There are some cases where a cashier may request a Cash App Card swipe or insert your card when funding your account through the paper deposit. 

If you should encounter this, boldly decline and tell the cashier to scan the barcode which is the normal procedure for paper deposits. 

What Is The Paper Money Deposit Limit?

If you want to use the paper money deposit, you’ll be able to load up to $1000 in 7 days and up to $4000 in a space of 30 days. The minimum amount for the deposit starts at $5 and stops at $500 per deposit. 

Do I Have To Provide My ID For Verification?

It depends. Some stores may request your ID as added verification to validate the transaction. Whenever you encounter this, I’ll advise you to adhere to and comply with their policies. 

Note: For any paper money deposit comes a $1.00 imposed fee at 7- Eleven. 

Where Else Can I Load My Cash App Card?

There are many other retailers that support Cash App Card paper deposit such as,




Dollar General 


Walmart- Money centers 



Speedway and 

Family Dollar 

With thousands of these retailers scattered all over the US, funding your Cash App Card wouldn’t be an issue. 

How To Locate The Nearest 7- Eleven store?

front view of 7-Eleven

To visit the near store around you, 

  • Go to the Cash App and click the “Banking” tap.
  • Click on “Paper Money” 
  • You can enter an address using the search bar or use GPS to locate the nearest store.


As you can see, adding money to your Cash App Card at 7- Eleven does not come with a burden. Once you are able to locate a nearby store, you can easily fund your account. 


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