How To Put Money On Cash App Card At ATM – What To Know.

It’s not possible to put money on your Cash App Card at an ATM, both for US and UK customers. However, you can withdraw money with your Cash Card at the ATM. 

Are you a Cash App user looking for how to put money on Cash App Card at an ATM? If yes, look no further. In this post, I’ll show you how you can add money to your Cash Card. 

Now let’s go to the details in full. 

What Is Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is a Visa debit card that is connected to your Cash App account, which is free to all Cash App verified users. 

With the Cash Card, you can pay for your purchases, also you can withdraw money with the Card at the ATM. But you can’t add money to the card at the ATM. The good thing is, there are no additional charges attached with the Cash Card. You can as well activate the Cash Card Boost for discount on purchases and services. 

To order for a Cash App Card, you must verify your account.

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How To Order A Cash App Card?

First, before you order for a Cash Card, you must be a verified user and you must be 18+ to apply for a Cash Card. 

To order for a Cash Card follow these steps 

  • Open your Cash App and tap the “Cash Card” 
  • Click “Get Cash Card” 
  • Follow the steps to complete the request.

Note: 10 days after ordering the Card, the Card will arrive. And you can make use of the Card as soon as it gets to you. You can use it for Apple Pay and Google pay payment. Or by using the Card details located in the “Cash Card” icon. 

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Where Can I Load Money On My Cash App Card?

As you already know, it’s impossible to load/put money on Cash App Card at an ATM. But you can add money to your Card balance at any of the authorised stores in the US. This type of deposit is called a “Paper Money Deposit”. 

Here are the currently supported stores where you can add money to your Cash Card Card. 

7 – Eleven 


Walmart (Customer Service Desk/Money Centers)





Rite Aid 

Pilot Travel Centers 

TravelCenters of America 

Dollar General 

Family Dollar 

Duane Reade 

Kum & Go 



How Do I Locate Stores To Put Money On My Cash App Card?

The above-mentioned retail stores are where you can load money on your Cash Card. 

There are two ways to locate stores. The first one is, to look around for authorised nearby stores or you search for the stores using your Cash App. 

Follow these steps to find the nearest location where you can load money to your Card balance on Cash App. 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Banking” icon 
  • Choose “paper Money” 
  • You can put an address on the search bar or find the nearest location around you using your MAP. 

Note: before doing this make sure your device location is turned on. 

After selecting the perfect location, you can go to the store by using the options provided by Cash App or you can use your navigation by copying the address. 

How To Make A Paper Money Deposit On Cash App?

Once you arrive at your preferred store, walk up to the cashier who will help deposit the money using your “Barcode” . 

To make a Paper Money Deposit, you can use your barcode which is generated on the app. Show the cashier the barcode. If the cashier is lost on what to do, you can help out by showing the instructions by clicking the “?” icon on your Map. 

Immediately your barcode is scanned, you then hand in the Cash you’re depositing and the money will be added to your balance automatically. It’s advisable to keep a copy of your receipt for references. 

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What Is The Paper Money Deposit Limit?

You can only deposit $1,000 in a given 7 days and up to $4,000 in a given 30 days. The minimum amount you can deposit is $5 and you cannot deposit more than $500 per deposit. 

Note: If you exceed your weekly or monthly limit, Cash App will notify you via email or phone number with more detailed information. 

How Long Does Paper Money Deposit Take?

There are two ways to load money on your Cash App. They are, “Standard Deposit” and “Instant Deposit”. Therefore, the method you choose determines how long the deposit will take. 

If you choose Standard deposit, which is the Cash App default deposit method it takes about 1-3 working days for it to show. But if you’re using the Instant Deposit, your money will show immediately after initiating a transaction. But it comes with a charge. 

Note: if your deposit is not showing, you can check any pending or incomplete transaction in the activity tab. 

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To check for a pending payment on Cash App 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Activity” icon and look for the pending payment
  • The money will show in your balance once the pending payment is completed.

Note: if the money did not reflect after waiting for days, you can reach out to “Cash App Contact Support” for assistance. 

What Is The Cash App Card ATM Withdrawal Fee?

To withdraw money from bank ATM points, you will be charged a $2.50 fee via any transaction.

However, if you’re withdrawing at a 7 – Eleven ATM that has a MoneyPass logo, the withdrawal is free for all Cash App users. Because it’s among the in-network ATMs .

Note: if you receive a minimum of $300 via a Direct Deposit per month, you stand a chance for an unlimited withdrawal from all in-network ATMs. 


If you follow this post carefully you can be able to put money on your Cash App Card without stress.

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