How To Transfer Money From Apple Pay To Cash App- A Complete Direction.

Apple has grown to be among the top-notch in Tech, Today. Millions of users utilise their products daily ranging from, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. It’s no surprise that Apple Pay is now among the top 5 Money Transaction platforms in the US. 

Many Apple users are now leveraging the internet, looking for ways to enjoy the amazing features it comes with such as how to transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App. 

Cash App is another well welcome Mobile Money Transactions Franchise in the United States, owned by Block Inc. 

There is no Direct Transfer Button where you can send money directly from Apple Pay to Cash App. But don’t worry, in this post I’m going to show you how to do that. 

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What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is owned by Apple Inc. It serves as a medium for online payment. Also, it serves as a Digital Wallet. With your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, you can make some purchases through the App or access the Apple Pay platform using the Safari Web. 

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is a peer-to-peer Money Transaction App owned by Block Inc. It’s available in the United Kingdom and the United States. As of September 2021, Cash App reported they had about 70 Million annual users. The App allows you to make some purchases using the Cash App Card. You can use the Card any place Visa is allowed. Guess what! if you use the Cash App Card Boosts when making some purchases, you’ll have a discount. 

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Can I Transfer Funds Directly From Apple Pay To Cash App?

At the moment, you cannot send money from your Apple Pay to Cash App. But there is a way you can do that. To perform the task you have to first of all, Transfer the money to your Bank Account and then Transfer it from your Bank Account to the Cash App.

How Can I Transfer Money From Apple Pay To Cash App?

As I stated earlier, it’s impossible to transfer money directly to your Cash App from Apple Pay. You must first of all transfer to your Bank before you can send it back to your Cash App Account.

Here are the steps to follow 

Step 1: Transfer from your Apple Pay to your Bank Account.

  • For iPhone users, open Apple Pay, click on the Apple Cash Card and click on the “+” button. For iPad users, locate the “Configuration” tab, click on Wallet & Apple Pay, and then click on Apple Cash Card.
  • Tap the “Transfer To Bank”
  • Fill in the amount of money you wish to transfer and tap “Next”
  • For a free-charge transaction choose “1-3 Business Days or select Instant Deposit which comes with an imposed fee of $0.25.
  • Confirm the transfer either with your Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode to complete the action.

Step 2: Immediately the funds reflect in your account from Apple Pay, you can then transfer the money to your Cash App.

  • Go to Cash App and click on the “Money” icon.
  • Tap the “Add Cash” and put the amount.
  • Click “Add” and confirm the transfer using your Touch ID or PIN.

With these two steps, it is very easy and quick to transfer money to your Cash App from Apple Pay.

Can I Transfer Money From Cash App To My Apple Pay?

You cannot Transfer/Add money directly from your Cash App to your Apple Pay. But you can link your Cash App Card to Apple Pay. You can activate the feature either from Cash App or Through Apple Pay Wallet.

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How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money From Apple Pay To Cash App?

If you’re using the Standard Deposit, you have to wait for 1-3 working days for the money to reflect in your account. And the service is free. you can use Instant Deposit if you want the transaction to reflect immediately. But the service is not free. It comes with a fee of $0.25.

Can I Use Apple Pay On Cash App?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on your Cash App. Here is how to do it.

  • Open your Cash App 
  • Click on the “Cash Card”
  • Click on your “Cash Card” image 
  • Choose “Add To Apple Pay”
  • Follow the instructions and complete the request.


Now you’ve caught sight of how to transfer money from Apple Pay to your Cash App, how long it takes for your funds to reflect in your account and the cost for Instant Deposit. With these guidelines, I’m sure you will be able to fund your Cash App from Apple Pay henceforth. 

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