How To Use Cash App Without SSN – Or ID.

Many Cash App users are surfing the internet looking for how to use Cash App without SSN. You must not provide your SSN before you can access Cash App. You can send and receive money on Cash App without your SSN or ID. That’s one of the reasons Cash App is welcomed and given the deserved popularity in the United States. 

But, using Cash App without SSN or ID comes with restrictions. Some limitations are placed on unverified users such as, how much you can send or receive, and other benefits that are attached to a verified user.

This post is a well-detailed steps on how to use Cash App without SSN or ID and how to unlock Cash App great features. 

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What Is SSN?

SSN (Social Security Number) is a 9-digit number the US government gives to its citizens once they are given birth. 

As an immigrant, you’re eligible to apply and have your SSN. The SSN is used to monitor your earnings, by the US government and to set up your “Social Security” welfare.

Does Cash App Require SSN?

Yes, Cash App does Require SSN for your account verification. Cash App will not deny you access to their App if you don’t have SSN. But, you can’t be able to enjoy Cash App full package if your account is not verified. You’ll be restricted on many features such as sending and receiving limits, wouldn’t be able to pay for purchases, can’t invest in Bitcoin or Stock, and many more. 

Note: it’s advisable not to disclose your SSN to anyone.


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How To Use Cash App Without SSN or ID.

As I started earlier, you can be able to send and receive funds on Cash App without your SSN, but it has some limitations. You cannot send more than $250 in 7 days, also you cannot receive more than $1,000 in 30 days.

Follow these steps and open your account without SSN or ID.

  • Download and open Cash App using your smartphone or PC 
  • Put your Email address or mobile phone number 
  • Fill in the verification code you received from Cash App 
  • Link your Bank account debit Card to your Cash App 
  • Put your name and formulate a distinctive $Cashtag 
  • Your account is good to go. 

Don’t forget the account is not yet verified and can’t exceed a certain level when using the App.

How Can You Send Money On Cash App Without SSN or ID?

It is absolutely easy to send or receive money on Cash App if you didn’t provide your SSN or ID.

To do that, follow these steps.

  • Open your unverified Cash App account and click on the “$” tab.
  • Scroll down and choose the “I Don’t Have an SSN” option 
  • Fill in the amount you desire to send 
  • Put the recipient’s mobile number, Cashtag, or Email address 
  • Click on “Pay” or “Request” 
  • Cash App will send a verification code to the recipient 
  • The recipient will have to fill the code into the verification box 
  • After putting in the code, you’re good to go. The transactions went successfully 

Can I Use A Fake SSN On Cash App?

You cannot use a fake SSN on Cash App. Block inc who is the owner of Cash App recognized authentically by the US government and the laws guiding online money transaction firms in the US. Therefore, Cash App has the right to run a thorough check to ascertain the originality of any SSN before approving it.

What Is Cash App Sending And Receiving Limit For Unverified Users?

As an unverified Cash App user, you cannot send more than $250 in a given 7 days and cannot receive more than $1,000 in a given 30 days. 

You cannot invest in Stocks and Bitcoin, you are not eligible to order a Cash App Card, also, you cannot receive and deposit checks. To enjoy all these features, you’ve to verify your account by providing your SSN, Routing number, and other required ID needed.

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If you wish to pay for purchases with your Cash App Card, buy Bitcoin or Stocks, Send and Receive money without limit, or deposit and receive checks, you’ve to verify your account by providing your SSN. Once your account is verified you stand the chance to send up to $7,500 in a given 7 days and receive unlimited funds too, make some purchases with your Cash Card, and much more with the mobile money App. 

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