Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received – Quick Solution.

Have you wondered why your Cash App payment was completed but showing pending? This article will offer a solution to this issue.

Cash App has so many great features and it requires you to search the internet for solutions and guidance on how to tackle some imposing issues on the app.

One of the issues Cash App users face is, Cash App payment is completed but not received. This simply means, the initiated transaction is pending or not fulfilled. Some reasons that can cause this issue are Poor Network Connection, Fraud and Spam, Expired Credit or Debit Card, unknown Sender, Outdated App Version, Daily limit, Server Issues etc.

As you read through, you’ll learn how to solve payment completed but not received issue on Cash App, and other arising issues you need to know. 

What Can Cause Cash App Payments Completed But Not Received?

Generally, Cash App funds payments both sent and received transactions are available instantly. But you might have the issue of pending transactions on Cash App on some occasions. Once you come across this inconvenience, it means your payment was completed but not fulfilled as regards some issues listed earlier. 

If you’re stuck in this situation there is no other way to solve it, rather than wait for some hours for it to go through or reach out to “Cash App Contact Support” to rectify the issue. 

What Can Cause Payment Pending or Not Received On Cash App?

As I mentioned earlier, some reasons might cause a delay in payments on Cash App, they are.

Insufficient Funds 

Daily Limit Issues 

Fraud and Spam 

Server issues 

Poor Network Connection 

Expired Cards 

Outdated App Version 

These and more might be the reason behind pending payments on Cash App. 

Now let’s analyse these reasons and see how to rectify them 

Daily Limit Issues 

As a Cash App user, you can’t send more than $250 in a given 7 days. Also, you can’t receive more than $1000 in a given 30 days. 

But you can increase your daily limit by verifying your Cash App account. Once verified, you’ll have an increased deposit limit. It also allows you to make a Direct Deposit and Check payment. To verify your account you’ll have to provide the last Four-digit of your SSN, your Date of Birth, and your Name. In some cases, Cash App might request your ID.

If this issue was the reason your payment is pending, you either verify your account to increase the Limit or wait till the next day. 

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Expired/Outdated Cash App Version 

If your Cash App is outdated, you can’t be able to access some tasks on the app and might as well delay your payment. To solve this, always update your app when due. 

Poor Network Connection 

If your network connection is bad, it might hinder the completion of payments on Cash App. Any breakdown in your connection when initiating a payment will result in a delay or pending transaction. 

To be on the safer side, make sure your network is properly connected and working perfectly before processing any transactions. 

Insufficient Funds 

If you didn’t check your Cash App account balance before a transaction, it will not be completed and as a result, show as a pending payment. But the good thing is, once you fund your account, Cash App will complete the payment you previously initiated. So, always check your Cash App balance when processing a payment.

Server Issues 

Sometimes the problem of why your payment is pending might not be from your end. It might be from the Cash App server or as a breach of communication between your bank and Cash App. 

Not to worry, Cash App normally rectifies this issue immediately, whenever they notice any breakdown.

Unknown Sender 

For Cash App to protect your account against fraud/scam they will place any payment from an unknown sender on hold.

But you can claim the payment if you choose to, but be warned, Cash App will not be held accountable for any damages. 

Fraud & Spam 

Similar to “Unknown Sender” there are some accounts marked as spam or fraud by Cash App. Therefore if any blocked account sent any funds, Cash App will never allow such a transaction to go through, and can’t be retrieved. 


When making a payment on Cash App make sure the recipient ID, $Cashtag, Phone number, or Email address is correct. If they are not put accurately, the transaction is likely to fail. So, go through the information provided before confirming payment.

Expired Cards 

You can check the back of your Debit or Credit Cards to check the expiry date. If your card expires, your payment can’t go successfully 

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What May Cause Cash App to Cancel My Payment?

If Cash App notices any Fraudulent act or any false attempt on your account as regards to payment, they will cancel the payment for your own good and to avoid charges too. 

When issues like this occur, your money will be returned to your account balance instantly or to your linked bank account. In some cases it might take up to 1-3 business days for the money to return to your account. 

However, you can reduce the risk of payments cancellation on Cash App by doing these things,

  • Making sure the linked Debit or Credit Cards bears your name 
  • Always put the correct phone number, email address or $Cashtag of the recipient before initiating a transaction 
  • The payment you make on Cash App should be to people you know and trust 
  • Endeavor to use your Cash App always for funds transactions to strengthen your transaction history. 


What Should I Do If My Cash App Payment Is Pending?

If your payment is pending on Cash App, all you can do is wait for it to resolve by itself. 

If you’ve waited for some time and the payment is still pending, then you can go ahead and contact the Cash App Support team. 

What Can I Do If I Have A Missing Payment On My Cash App?

The reason why you have a missing payment on Cash App is that the fund was sent to another Phone number, $Cashtag, or Email address that’s associated with you.  

To claim any missing payment on Cash App, follow these steps.

  • Open your Cash App and Click on the “Profile” tab 
  • Choose the “Personal” option 
  • Put the missing phone number, $Cashtag, or email address and the money will be yours.

Where Do I Find My Payment Activity History?

Any funds transactions either sent or received are logged into your activity tab. 

To locate and view any transaction history on your Cash App, follow these steps.

  • Open your Cash App and click the “Activity” tab 
  • Then click on the payment you wish to view. 

How Can I Refund A Payment On Cash App?

If you receive any funds by accident, you can return it to the sender.

Follow these steps to do that 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Activity” tab 
  • Click on the “Payment” icon 
  • Then click on “Refund” 

If this step didn’t work, you can reach out to the Cash App Contact Support for further assistance.

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If you can avoid the reasons mentioned in this post why your Cash App payment is completed but not received, it will be difficult for you to encounter this issue when initiating a payment.

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