How To Use Cash App Boost – Complete Direction.

You can use Cash App boosts for instant discounts on purchases at selected retail stores in the US.

Cash App is among the top money transaction apps in the US. The mobile money platform has a range of amazing features that allows you to send and receive money, pay for purchases with the Cash Card, Invest in Stocks and Bitcoin, and many other nice features. You can as well activate the app boosts to stand a chance for discounts on your purchases at selected stores and eateries. This brought us to this post, How to use Cash App boost.

Cash App boosts come with a huge benefit. You can activate any boost of your choice such as Bitcoin boosts which allows you to get free Bitcoin. Before you can use the Cash App boost, you must have a Cash App Card. If you don’t have any, you can order one (Make sure your account is verified on Cash App).

In this post, you’ll be learning how to activate any boost of your choice, how to swap boosts, the boost limit, and some other things. Stick around. 

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What Is A Cash App Boost?

Cash App boost allows you to obtain discounts on your purchases at selected stores, Restaurants, and Coffee shops using the Cash Card. 

To know more about boosts, go to your Cash App and tap on the boosts details.

How To Add/Activate Cash App Boosts 

For you to use Cash App boost, you have to add it to your Cash Card. 

Note: you need Cash App Card in order to activate a boost. If you have one already, you can go on to activate it.

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Follow these steps to add a boost to your Cash Card.

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Cash Card”
  • Click “Add Boost” 
  • Click on a “Boost” of your choice 
  • Click “Add” to activate the chosen boost 
  • You can now use the boost immediately for an instant discount 

To know more about your active boost such as where you can use it, and when it will expire, click on the boost details. 

How To Use Cash App Boost?

Once you’ve activated a boost of your choice, you can go on and make your purchases with Cash Card at the authorised stores, Restaurants, and Coffee shops. Immediately you make a purchase the discount is applied instantly and automatically. 

Again once you make any payment using a boost a confirmation text will be sent to you that the boost was applied. 

Where Can I Use Cash App Boosts?

To know where to use the boost and available boost at the moment, click on “Cash App Card” icon to view current boosts available, as it changes from time to time. 

Here are some of the currently available boosts on Cash App.

  • Walmart Boost – up to 10% discount a purchase (to unlock the discount, you’ve to make 5 purchases) 
  • MTA Boost – up to $1 discount 
  • McDonald’s Boost – about 15% discount on any purchases 
  • Lyft Boost – you get about a 20% discount on one purchase 
  • Chipotle Boost – up to 10% discount on one purchase 
  • PlayStation Network Boost – you get about a 10% discount on any purchase 
  • Click-fil-A Boost – up to 15% discount on any purchase 
  • Starbucks Boost – you get a $1 discount on one purchase 
  • Grocery Boost – about 10% discount on one purchase 
  • DoorDash Boost – you get a 15% discount 
  • Bitcoin Boost – you get free Bitcoin on some selected purchases 

Cash App Boost Not Working 

If your Cash boost did not work after initiating a transaction or payment, here are some reasons that might have caused it.

  • If the boost has expired or is no longer available it can not be applied when making a payment.
  • The minimum amount required: depending on the store’s policies, you’ve to meet some minimum amount required on purchases to qualify for discount 
  • It could be, you forgot to add a boost before making the purchase 

If the boost didn’t work or is still missing after checking these things, don’t hesitate to reach out to “Cash App Contact Support” for further assistance by submitting the payment for review. 

Follow these steps to submit a payment review 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Activity” icon 
  • Choose the missing boost payment 
  • Click on “°°°” at the right top corner 
  • Choose “Missing Boost” 
  • Click on “Submit for Review” on the next screen 

What Is The Cash App Boost Limit?

There are some boosts limit on Cash App you need to know, they are 

  • You cannot use “Boosts” on a Cash-back transactions 
  • There is a minimum and maximum discount amount on purchases.

My Boost Is Locked – How To Unlock IT.

If your boost is locked, you can enable a new one by unlocking it.

Follow these steps to unlock a new boost.

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Cash Card” 
  • Click on your “Current Boost” or “Swap” 
  • Click on any “Boost” with a “Lock” icon to unlock the boost 


How Do I Know My Cash App Boost Details?

To learn more about your current boost follow these steps 

  • Open your Cash App and click on “Cash Card” icon 
  • Click on the “Current Boost” or “Save With Boost”
  • Click on “Boost” to see the full details 

Do Cash App Boosts Work Automatically?

No. Cash App boosts do not work automatically, you’ve to enable any boost of your choice before using it. 

How Long Does a Cash App Boost Last?

Unless the boost expires if not, it will be active until you remove or swap it. 

Do Cash App Boosts Expire?

Yes. Cash App boost does expire. But Cash App usually replaces the expired ones with new amazing packages. Each boost has its separate expiring date. It differs from one to another. 

Who Pays For Cash App Boost?

Cash App funds some selected boosts, while some boosts are funded by partners. Boosts funded by Cash App are known as (Reduction to Revenue)


Aside from the normal peer-to-peer money transactions on Cash App, the app Boosts are a great feature to explore on the platform if you want to obtain instant discount on your Cash Card purchases. 

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