How To Borrow Money instantly From Cash App in 2023- Ultimate Guide

As an eligible user, you can borrow a minimum amount of $20 and a maximum amount of $200 on Cash App.

This is one among many that make Cash App a top prospect for the best mobile money banking sector in the US. Talking of a convenient and easy, fast, and reliable peer-to-peer money transaction platform in the United States, Cash App stands out among the rest. 

There are many benefits that come with Cash App such as, Investing in Stocks and Bitcoin, and using the Cash Card to pay for purchases directly from your Cash App balance. You can as well earn free money and Bitcoin on the app. Also, you stand a chance for a discount on your purchases at some selected stores when you activate the Cash Card Boost

These and more are what you can do on the app. However, in this post, you’ll learn how to borrow money from Cash App. Before you can borrow money on Cash App, you need to know how it works, who can borrow, the minimum and maximum amount to borrow, and how to repay it. Stick around as I guide you through. 

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What Is Cash App Borrow?

Cash App borrow is a short-term loan that is available to some selected users. You’ve to be eligible for you to access the borrow feature on the app. Once you’re eligible, you stand the chance to borrow up to $200 and a minimum of $20. 

Who Can Borrow Money On Cash App?

Many factors determine whether you’re eligible to borrow money on Cash App or not. They are,

Your State: check if Cash App borrow is available in your state of residence. 

Credit History: Cash App checks your credit history and scores to know if you’re qualified or not.

Cash Card: you need to have an active Cash App Card to stand a chance.

How You Use Cash App: they also check if you’re a regular Cash App user. It depends on how often you use the app for your transaction. 

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How Can I Borrow Money From Cash App?

For you to borrow money on Cash App, you need to find out if you are eligible and if the feature is available in your State. 

To check if you’re qualified to borrow money, 

  • Open your Cash App and click on the “Banking” tab 
  • Scroll down to see if you’ll find “Borrow” tab. 

If you see the “Borrow” tab it means you’re eligible. If you didn’t see it, this means you’re not eligible and not qualified at the moment. 

Once you see the “Borrow” icon on the app, follow these steps to request a loan. 

  • Click on “Borrow” 
  • Click “Unlock” 
  • Choose the amount of money you want to borrow (the maximum is $200 while the minimum is $20)
  • Choose the repayment plan you like 
  • Go through the “User Agreement” to understand better how it works 
  • Finally, accept the Cash App borrow a loan and you’re done.

How Cash App Borrow Works? 

After completing the request to borrow money on Cash App, this is how it works.

Whether you borrow up to $200 which is the highest amount or you borrowed $20 which is the least. You only have four weeks (A month) plus an additional 7 days (one week) grace to be able to pay back which comes with a 5% imposed fee. 

Immediately the added 7 days grace elapsed, and you were unable to repay the money, Cash App will charge you a 1.25% fee every week until you pay up the remaining balance. 

If you opt for the automatic payment plan and was unable to repay in due time, Cash App may likely take the balance from your account balance or your debit Card. Also, they might go extra lengths to recover their money by suspending any transactions on your account until you pay back the remaining balance completely. 

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How To Unlock The Borrow Feature On Cash App 

You can’t unlock Cash App borrow feature. All you need to do is, meet all the required qualifications such as making sure you deposit up to $1,000 every month to your account, meeting the credit score, check and confirm if the feature is available in your State of residence. 

However, after checking all the criteria and you’re still not eligible, you can reach out to “Cash App Contact Support” to know why. Here is how to go about it.

  • Open your Cash App and locate the “Support” icon 
  • Type the word “Borrow” in the search box 
  • You’ll see a detailed explanation of why you’re not eligible.

If the information didn’t go well, you can engage in a conversation via chat with the Cash App Support team. 


Borrowing money on Cash App is not available for all Cash App users, you must qualify and be eligible before you can access it, by meeting all the required criteria. Once you borrow money on Cash App, make sure you repay the money on time before the end of 7 day (one week) grace elapses. 

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